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FOIE GRASwhich means fat liver, is made by force feeding ducks and geese. A metal rod is shoved down their throats multiple times every single day, which causes their liver to grow up to 10x its natural size. This is a delicacy to the rich weirdos, so Im sure you can imagine that they say this pr...
To examine whether something is humane, first determine if you would want it done to you. -Andrea Kladar .Basically if you wouldn't like it done to you, don't do it to others.!!.. .#dountoothers #dountoothersasyouwouldhavethemdountoyou #veganfortheanimals #vegan #helpanimals #leaveanimalsthefucka...
Every year in the UK alone, around 95,000 male calves are killed within 24 hours of birth as it is cheaper for farmers to kill the animals immediately than sell them for veal......#babycalf #babyanimals #ukdairy #deathfood #noescape #slaughterhouse #innocentbaby #innocent #helpanimals #rescuedism...
Think occasionally of the suffering of which you spare yourself the sight.- Albert Schweitzer Mralo completo. Comparte.Te dejamos estas cuentas con informacin til para no ser parte del sistema de explotacin animal: Recetas@mi_hija_vegan@buenobonitoyveganococina@cocinoconplantas@vegana_con_castan...
Hard to get your head around huh?! Killing animals is a heartless, cruel act.There is no excuse for animal abuse.!!!Reject violence and live vegan ..,....,#rejectviolence #stopkillinganimals #butcher #butchers #butchersofinstagram #butchershop #animals #violence #animalsofinstagram #animalrights ...
Every piece of meat cheese eggs and milk involves suffering. Advertising companies know you will blindly follow their lies Why?.. simply because they know you want to eat these products and you just need someone to tell you its all ok to do so.. You choose to believe their lies through wilful ign...
Speciesism;Definitions from Oxford Languagesnoun: speciesismthe assumption of human superiority leading to the exploitation of animals.Speciesism also manifests in the way we perceive and treat members of each speciesfor example, society sees dogs as beloved companion animals, while it condemns c...
If you love animals then you shouldnt be that person who pays for them to be bred into captivity to be brutally killed (also they are very young when they are killed) Its time to stop abusing animals for your pleasures and go vegan .......#animallovers #youcantloveanimalsandeatthemtoo #animals #...
One of the most ridiculous things humans say is Humane Slaughter.Slitting the throat of an animal is not humane.Electrifying someone is not humane.Gassing someone is not humane.Suffocating someone is not humane.Killing someone via blunt force trauma, is not humane.Killing someone who does not wan...
A heart that begs for mercy, two blind eyes that cannot see what is going to happen & a strong desire to live. Not your breakfast!.....#helpanimals #rspca #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #pig #porkindustry #farm #farmer #ham #porkchops #hamburger #babyanimals #mercy #blind #sadvideos ##poorbabies #rspc...
The choices you make DO matter. Yourpurchase of animal flesh and secretions is a deathsentence for other animals. Theres no kind way to exploit and slaughter animals. Choose kindness - live vegan! @thesavemovement..Rp @lightmoveme#choosekindness #animalliberation #govegan #animalrights #animalri...
This is so hard to watch Breathing impaired breeds like French bulldogs cant reproduce unless theyre sexually molested by perverts, and are bred to suffer! Its irresponsible and twisted to keep artificially inseminating them.And just fyi - if this disturbs you then think about all the farmed anim...