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The consequences of the climate crisis -- more wildfires, devastating drought, sea level rise, flooding, ecological disease -- are plaguing the country's national parks. Most recently, unprecedented flash flooding overwhelmed Yellowstone National Park and some of its surrounding areas.Scientists ...
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Natures reset button @greenleefglobal
An ice shelf in Antarctica nearly the size of Los Angeles disintegrated in mid-March within days of extraordinary warmth on the continent, scientists say.The Conger Ice Shelf, spanning approximately 460 square miles, collapsed around March 15. It was around the time temperatures soared to minus-1...
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Climate change-fueled drought has pushed Lake Mead to unprecedented lows. The shortage will trigger mandatory water consumption cuts for some states in the Southwest beginning January 1.Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the US by volume, has drained at an alarming rate this year. At around 1,06...
Turn the World Green One Leef at a Time @greenleefglobal
We've used cannabis for hundreds of years for fiber, seed oils, food, and medical treatments... In fact, most of the sails from the ships that first came to US were made from #hemp. It was a crucial resource in society..Here's the thing, only in recent in history has the view on cannabis changed....
Everyone is going #Green People are switching to #reusable containers and even super-markets are actively moving to reduce plastic packaging waste. Thus, for a cleaner #planet, we simply cannot keep adding to the #plasticwaste that travels the world via our oceans. So, in our search for #sustaina...