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Every single minute That blows my mind!!!! At Industry Hair Co. we're thrilled to have partnered with @greencirclesalons and over 16,000 other waste warriors who are keeping people and the planet beautiful!!!!! just over here creating beauty, not waste
Join our CEO and Founder, Shane Price, on this week's Lightbulb Moments presented by @qnityinc! Happening this Wednesday, Feb 7th, at 10am CT, Lightbulb Moments is a weekly roundtable conversation that highlights relevant issues in the beauty industry and focuses on practical takeaways you can ap...
Our promise is to leave the earth better than we found it - Waste Warrior @ivy_hairandmakeup: @ivy_hairandmakeup
Every salon, stylist, and independent artist is important in helping to make a change for our planet and the industry! Welcome to our newest Waste Warriors who are now a part of the movement!
What does it mean to be a Green Circle Salon? It means that your beauty business is taking a leading role in the beauty industry by recycling up to 95% of your beauty waste. It doesnt need to enter landfills or our waterways. The process is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Simply sign up, collect your beauty...
Your impact on the planet matters! What are you doing with your hair clippings?
Your impact on the planet matters! What happens to the excess hair colour from your salon?
Sunny days call for recycling your beauty waste! : @strandofsunshine
One bag at a time! : @revbillyschopshopchi
Your impact on the planet matters! What do you do with the metals from your beauty business?
Happy New Year, Waste Warriors! Heres to sharing our #makebeautybeautiful stories, keeping beauty waste out of landfills and working together to make a difference for the planet. Lets make 2024 even better!: @anandahair