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It's hard to imagine that the September 11th terror attacks happened twenty years ago today. As a nation, we saw a lot of horror that day - but I also remember it bringing us together in a way I haven't seen since. Across America, we know how to rise above our differences and stand together in th...
Today, we celebrate the freedom and civil liberties that help every single one of us prosper. Regardless of our divisions and disagreements, we are ALL what make up our incredible country - and that's something to celebrate. Happy #IndependenceDay!
In America, when we oppress anyone, we oppress ourselves.It saddens me to see the partisanship and over-politicization around a holiday celebrating countless people finally being freed from slavery in 1865. Juneteenth is a valuable part of our nation's history. Jubilee, and happy #Juneteenth!
So many have made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in our country's armed forces. Today is a day for solemn reflection and remembrance of their bravery. #MemorialDay
The terrible mob violence at the nation's capital that occurred yesterday has no place in our Constitutional Republic. Peaceful demonstrations are our right and help to make our society and government more responsive. However, when that peaceful demonstration turns ugly and violent, those that ar...
We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union...Happy #ConstitutionDay!
It's past time for the House to vote on @justinamash's Ending Qualified Immunity Act @SpeakerPelosi.
19 years ago, our nation was rocked by the horrific #September11 World Trade Center attacks. Despite efforts to drive horror into our hearts, America stands resolute, with freedom and opportunity for all.
This Independence Day feels different.The crises our country faces this year are unique and difficult.From a global pandemic that has separated friends and loved ones, to dramatic and inexcusable actions impacting racial injustice across the nation, many have asked what we should be celebrating t...
Happy #ConstitutionDay! #Constitution
Today marks 18 years since the tragedy that changed our country forever. As we all become more divisive and hostile over politics, let's never forget that we're all neighbors - and come together for at least one day to mourn those we lost. #neverforget
The people of Hong Kong deserve the freedom to dictate their own future. I hope these protests end peacefully.#hongkong