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Collaboration with @theriptip @gordoscientific
Gorgeous limited edition @theriptip for VIPER CLUB I. Sexmobified! We like the extended RipTips a lot so we got a few of those. If you want one go buy a Reserved ticket and send us a DM and well make sure you get it! Super limited run. These wont last.
Cold as ice! We are gearing up for our first trip to #NewYork this weekend and thought these snaps of our Pink Champagne (UV) RipTips give off a polished and sultry NYC vibe. Looking forward to @hashholesanddonuts and the opportunity to connect with so many. Definitely coming hungry and bringi...
Gettin shifty with @gordoscientific Watch this spinner cap shift from yellow to pink as we switch from natural to florescent lighting. And it wouldnt be Gordo without his helix tech, allowing air to flow through and spin the sh*t out of anything in your bangers 100/10 spinner right hereGo cop on...
Fresh batch of caps from the man himself @gordoscientific Weve got nothing but love for Gordo and his trademarked spin style caps and the famous riptips shop all things gordo on the site___________Gordo scientific, quartz banger caps, spinner caps, bubble cap, Joel Halen quartz, scientific glass
Back by popular demand- @gordoscientific capillary tubing collab pencils are all finished and ready to ship Got to see these in person to fully appreciate the way it transmits and reflects the sun light. My favorites would be the Calypso or the Gold Ruby. Great colors.
New Ashtrays will be listed on the site today - 2pm est - GordoSci.com. Ive been enjoying these ashtray myself simply because you can rest the doink without messing up the ash. Hope you all enjoy them, too! #gordoscientific #doinktray
this is not a drill royal jelly @theriptip have hit the site!Dont sleep on this rare color link in bioriptips, gordo scientific, glass tips, Rolling papers, Moltenaura #riptips #royaljelly
Few Xl Extended Available @theriptip @gordoscientific More Sizes & Colors Available www.bigalsmokeshop.com#gordoscientific #theriptip #extendedtip #blunts #joints #papers #rollers #gordoscientificriptip #bigalssmokeshop #reeloftheday
GLOWd up UV Nova Riptips 5 new colors ways have hit the site hit that link in bio Riptips, Gordo scientific, Glass tips, #rollingloud #uvglass #riptips
NEWriptips have hit the site UV Nova Pinstripe Bluecifer, Elm street, Gold rush & Lightning bug Hit that link in bio to shop Riptips, Gordo scientific, Glass tips, CFL glass, Crushed Opal #riptips #gordoscientific #glasstips
New Drop On The Site @theriptip @gordoscientific More Accessories & Colors Available www.bigalsmokeshop.com#theriptip #gordoscientific #gordoscientificriptip #rollingtip #rollers #joints #blunts #bigalssmokeshop