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48s of your attention might save your LIFE! I talk slow, so I sped up the video to help Anyway, save this post so that you can SAFELY and confidently strengthen your bench press SHARE TO SAVE A LIFE 1. Rolling the Barbell: If youre unable to complete the lift, you can lower the bar to your ch...
Military Press: Proper Breathing and BracingIts common knowledge to be taught how to breathe and brace early on with lifts like squats and deadlifts, but its a major detail that often gets skipped over for other lifts like the military press.Breathing and bracing for all of your lifts is essentia...
I love learning new exercises and variations - I got to try out all of @bretcontreras1s new glute training equipment Specifically the best lengthened and shortened glute exercises. He recently hosted a seminar discussing the latest research on long vs short length training for the glutes. In sho...
how to structure your own glute-focused lower body day with just 5 movements:1. choose a hip thrust variation (pause, traditional, eccentric, etc) - make one of these sets a PR set (usually set #1)2. choose a quad movement (squats, lunges, etc.)3. choose a hinge movement (deadlifts, good mornings...
GLUTE LAB WORKOUT! I decided to apply some methods Bret emphasized during his private seminar that was presented right before this workout. Workout by @saviwin, assistance by @bretcontreras1, hype by @natileenicole I took some electrolytes so that my glutes wouldn't cramp like last time probably...
Tried out the snow angel glute machine today at @glutelabofficial with @natileenicole and she put me through the most brutal workout. Lets just say, I was walking funny afterSet up: scoot down, like waaay down, and anteriorly tuck your pelvisHeres the circuit she put me through:1 full range reps2...
Building the at @glutelabofficial with @bretcontreras1 Outfit: @_ultimate_fit_ #glutelab #gluteworkout #glutegains #gymworkout #gymgirl #gymlifestyle #fitnessmotivation #fitnesslife #fitnessgirl #gluteday #bretcontreras
KILLER leg day : @561films: @rayssaresendefit @amandavianez #561films #delraybeachvideographer #delrayvideographer #delraybeachvideoproduction#bocaratonvideographer #bocaratonvideography #bocaratonvideoproduction #palmbeachvideographer #palmbeachvideoproducer #jupitervideographer #miamivideograph...
This is what its come to. I used to be a respected scientist. In all seriousness, this is my Fort Lauderdale Glute Squad. I help build these physiques, of which Im so proud! We crushed this Halloween party
Everybody wants a Pixar Mom Body so I'm gonna show you how! When I'm not saving the world, you can find me gettin a pump at @glutelabofficial
This was fun! Think you could guess better?Thanks @elisabethbfit @domscottfit @cabalstrong10 @pareesaakbar !!!
the girls that get it, get it& before the men go absolutely feral... yes I'm still recording myself at my private gym, in skimpy gym outfits and posting it online for all the world to see. IM AWARE. This isn't for you to understand