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Does my desire to not stop learning come from my need to know more or a deep feeling of inadequacy? Hard to say.Growing up, learning felt impossible. I read slow, I retained information slowly, I didnt understand school work the way other kids did. I was smart and clever but outside the box. At a...
The closer you are in proximity to things, people, places, or energy, the more you become thatso be careful.The way you fill your time with one thing, the more that thing shows up in your life. This is why superstition, manifestation, and prayer exist. So what do you want and are you surrounded b...
I find it inspiring when you change your mind.Its taken me years to accept the shifts within my mind. I have and always will learn more about myself which makes me change my mind, my path, my hopes, my dream. I reserve the right to change my mind because I am actively healing.The work that yoga g...
I havent filmed a practice in a minute so here ya go. This is what it looks like when a busy day is ahead. I make sure I train the areas I need to prime for the day (Im playing music / drums later today so wrist focus is in here), i get my meditation in so Im focused and connected, and I lengthen...
The energy of my personality is to surprise people by how Im nice and also surprise them on how Im no bs aka a b*tch when I need to be. I used to be upset when people would call me names. Are you gonna call me a C:nt when you dont know me? And then they know me and they realize that Im kind Im no...
I lost my mom and my marriage within just a couple months of each other. I was in an extremely vulnerable space. I had blown my life up without knowing where I was going or why. I was the perfect opportunity.Five years ago, I was in the perfect place to be manipulated by a narcissist. They took m...
What brings joy will ultimately bring stress when the depletion of self has occurred.Im overwhelmed in a manageable way that I could stay at this overwhelmed space for too long. I could let what brings me so much joy take me down or I could just get back to the self. Sometimes managing my work lo...
I have been, I have met, and I still see the craziest people exist within the Yoga world. Ive been mistreated, Ive miss-stepped myself, and Ive seen a huge lack of accountability by peers in this industry. While none of us are not crazy in our own unique ways, none of us are doing anything specia...
There is an expectation of women or people like them. When I ask many femmes about their body shapes during Ayurvedic consultations it is apparent. When Im in a group of femmes its apparent. When I listen to the conversations in the bathroom is apparent. When Im in a group of all genders I hear i...
I will never be enough for some people, and I will always be too much for many, but I will always be enough for myself.It is taking me years to realize that the reality that I want to live in Has to be created by me in all ways, otherwise Ill continually be swept up in a a flow Im not in alignmen...
Ive rewritten my definition of success over and over to land in a place that feels most balanced. Ive released myself from the boss b*txh energy of trying to have more, do more, be respected more, etc. I used to continue my growth as a business in a way that made people respect me as a business....
Put your favorite outfit on, go outside, and use your body.My favorite outfit by @buddha_pants Use code: Gianna for discount on you #buddhapants order. Link in my bio!#thepantsthatmakeyoudance: @ysflixx