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The eternal Values of Beauty Humanity and Truth are the Ideal and the Guide to all our actions brunellocucinellibrand
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We already arrived to your first preschools day and what I can wish you is to be able, one day, to transform every wall in to a window.Te amo my Princess @sharfonseca
Some days ago we celebrated the 70th birthday of my beloved friend @brunellocucinelli .If someone would ask me to describe Brunello as a man i would simply say that a man is what Brunello Cucinelli is and i think this says it all.@sharfonseca
Venice @sharfonseca
When two old men (or if you prefer mature) meet to talk about ideas, be prepared to listen to something crazyBut be careful, only crazy people can change some established rules stay tuned @claudiocecchetto
Having breakfast with you is the best good morning ever
Mountains mood
About last night PS just so you know it all started with a jacket @sharfonseca @ramazzotti_eros @starlitefestival Pic @javiernunezfotografia
Since you are with me, my birthdays have a sense, such as all my life have an incredible reason why.Las amo con todo mi ser @sharfonseca
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Vacation with my kids
My new single Sombrerito Blanco (feat. Martina Camargo) is out now and ready to get you all dancing #OutNow #SombreritoBlanco@spinninrecords @stefandabruckmanagement