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Built for Beyond. All-mountain gear for all weather. Hike further. Stay out longer. Conquer more. @thenorthfacesouthafrica #BuiltForBe#BuiltForBeyond #NeverStopExploring The North Face exploration gear available at The North Face @canalwalk, @totalsports_sa, @capeunionmart, , @take...
Don't let this cute Barbie-like jellyfish fool you. They're called Pink Meanies, because they're mean to moon jellyfish (and unsuspecting ocean-loving humans ) as can be seen in this video captured by @mermaid_danii They are carnivorous and have stinging tentacles that can reach up to 70 feet long.
When sustainability meets all the fun This structure, @copenhilldk by @big_builds, doubles as a waste-to-energy plant and an urban recreation centre comprising a ski slope, a hiking trail, and a climbing wall.
Tea plantations of North Vietnam shot by @jordhammond
We heard you've been up all night dreaming of visiting the most beautiful country in the world No pressure at all, but just book it. It's lekka over here. @sebastienclosuit
Happy Monday! We hope your week gets off to a better start than this juvenile hammerhead chasing a school of jack crevalle .PS: It's a marathon not a sprint. @marissa_wil
They don't call it Tugela Gorge for nothing If you're a nature lover strap on your hiking boots and get ready to get lost in nature's own work of art.Gorgeous photos by @moeakoonjee17 / @captured_by_moe_ Tugela Gorge, Royal Natal National Park, KwaZulu-Natal
You do not have to wait for winter to try this Roasted Red Pepper sheet pan soup recipe by @crowded_kitchen
Would you ever go Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda? A large Silverback Mountain Gorilla emerges mere feet away from my clients and proceeds to flaunt his majestic beauty off in a powerful yet graceful manner said Private Safari Guide @camscott_wild after this epic encounter.
Landlocked in the Horn of Africa and combining breathtaking natural beauty with jaw-dropping historical sights, Ethiopia is the complete wanderlust package. If youre looking for a starting guide on things to look out for on your trip, we compiled five places to visit. See the link in our bio for ...
Whalebone Pier in Umhlanga, Durban @ventermorne
When they said there was a birdie at @skukuzagolfclub we did not expect it to weigh over 2 Kg's and sitting pretty atop a helpless impala. A beautiful and unexpected sighting of a Martial Eagle .