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Guitar pedals designed and assembled in the heart of Oklahoma City OK walrusaudio
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Picked up this 70s gem. I like it. #gibson #gibsunday
Beauty from @sonderguitarsphx - Electrical Guitar Company Aluminum neck, loaded with Lollar Pickups P90s and a lipstick pickup behind the bridge, and a Mastery Bridge trem.
Here we go.
Still pretending Im a keys player @bryanclopez
This is stunning. Who else would rock this? #gearnerds
You have about 30 minutes till these are all gone & worth a million dollars. Go get one @bondieffects
Limited time.. get it for $99. @emersoncustom
Made some sounds with some friends. You can check out their entire vid at @christianandizzi
Its been a really long time since Ive got to play with people. Today was fun. Something fun coming from @christianandizzi
There are very few pedals these days that I feel are game changers... this is one of them. @walrusaudioeffects
Papa Colt has me drooling over this. Well done, my dudes. @walrusaudioeffects
Still one of the best boards I ever owned. #gearnerds