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I really feel like we need to have more of these health and wellness conversations, which is why Im sharing this @dearfitfoodie letters in the hope that the girlies who need to see it, see it.Have you considered a BBL? Or know anyone whos had one or have had one yourself? Id love to know your tho...
A mix of enjoyment & suffering 1- Cute lomo lati le 2- Pottery class with @potterybyablesworth 3- Testing workouts for DFF method 4- Attempting to find the best Ramen in Lagos (still looking)5- Buying groundnut in Lagos traffic. I missed this?! 6- The aforementioned suffering 7- Whats suffering w...
Lets break each point down a bit more Calorie Counting:Calorie counting can be a very helpful tool, and I think its important to be aware of the numbers when you first start your journey, but long term, its absolutely not necessary As someone whos been at this for nine years, I dont count calorie...
I hate to be the one to tell you this, but some of you are really overcomplicating healthy eating. Lets cut through the noise with some hard truths and practical tips to make your life easier Hard Truth 1: Healthy Eating Isnt Rocket Science You dont need to follow complicated diets or buy expensi...
If youre constantly feeling tired all the time. Its not normal These are some basics for achieving optimal health. - Eating Whole Nutritious Foods- Daily Movement - Daily Sunlight Exposure (Morning Sun is best) - Ground Your Feet - Quality Sleep - Surround Yourself with Good People/Energy/Vibes ...
Im doing everything right, but I cant seem to drop the fat.Turns out, a ton of the diet and fitness advice out there is, respectfully, bullshit.But heres the deal: when you mix a smart fitness programming plan with food that doesnt taste like cardboard, and simple wellness education that zeros in...
I spent the morning testing workouts for my signature program dropping soon and Im celebrating with a simple dance. Ive spent years training across multiple methodologies: Bodybuilding, CrossFit, running, dancing, boxing, Pilates, cycling etc if it makes me move, Ive tried it.Through my work and ...
I dont know about you, but in the middle of a workday, lunch can feel like the most inconvenient meal I know I need to eat, but finding the time and deciding what to eat can be annoying. Thats why Ive started prepping ingredients and making bowls. This way, I can easily meet my fiber and protein ...
When I first really got into fitness, I was doing two workouts a day. Looking back, I feel like slapping myself. I also had phases where I ate and drank recklessly, which didnt help anybody, including me.For anyone struggling to find a routine in their fitness journey, this is for you. Long-term,...
I love sharing what I eat in a day so you can see the variety of my meals, but also to show that perfection doesnt really exist. On someday I aim to hit 30g on protein on every meal but in other days I just eat whats in front of me and keep it moving. I like to keep the meals I do eat balanced, i...
Lets talk Ozempic/ Weight loss injections! Are you on it? Have you considered it? I want to know your thoughts #Ozempic #WeightLoss #SemaGlutide
Unpopular opinion, but I dont really like Pilates.This isnt me criticizing the training technique; its more personal preference.And guess what? Its not the end of the world because there are a million and one ways to workout and reach your goals.So, if youre like most people, you only have about ...