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How you spend your time is directly associated with your habits. Your habits are tied to your behaviors, and your behaviors are rooted in your beliefs. What powers your beliefs? Your values. Family time is important to me. No matter what my lifes purpose and mission is, I will never look to it as...
It can be difficult to explain how impactful my son has been on my heart. It quite frankly has felt like hes been here my whole life, maybe because he reminds me so much of my pre-trauma self. His eyes glow in a way thats so pure and authentic. Hes so present and curious. And to witness him grow ...
Its hard sometimes to navigate the weight of being a provider of resources, safety and general structure to our life while also honoring what my heart needs. Sometimes they feel in contention yet I know they are working together to create the right alchemy for transformation. It feels synchronic ...
I used to hate scheduling. Used to hate the idea of having my time be molded into concrete numbers and sections. I loved being open, spontaneous and feeling a sense of flow. What I didnt recognize was I had shunned away my own masculine nature by never allowing myself to take back a sense of acco...
Ive heard the phrase time is an illusion by every new age spiritual person, including myself, many times before. Sitting with medicine and meditation practices can definitely bring this new awareness around Time as a concept, but it wasnt until the dark I recognized how relative time truly is. Iv...
Love can be both miraculous and challenging. When two people come together and choose each other, it's choosing each other beyond the great moments. Those are easy. It's when things fall apart, within and without, that those vows matter most. When you lose yourself. We come here with a series of ...
Ive spent a lot of my life trying to prove myself to others without fully recognizing, I was proving myself to God. I held aspects of myself back because of fear of judgement and acceptance. Many masks. I never felt worthy of Love or what Love meant to me. I compensated by trying to hold and gras...
mentality, people can find themselves wanting things to happen overnight. Overnight success. Overnight transformation. This just isnt how it works. Yes, realizations can come through in an instant. Yes, you can release things in an instant too. But its usually a combination of things that lead yo...
Why do you love your wife? What a simple and complex question. It actually wasnt the question itself that was hard to answerthe why has only grown over the years. It was what it brought up in me when I was confronted in the dark Its easy to get caught up in lifes responsibilities and experiences....
One of my biggest integrations from the dark has been spending more time with my family and in nature. It sounds so simple, right? How could you spend 3 days in darkness traversing time & space and an integration of that is quality time? Let me ask you a question... When was the last time you wer...
When I was around 14 years old, I was woken up one morning to yells and screams. As I approached my sisters room, she was unconscious, foaming from the mouth and unresponsive. She had overdosed on her SSRIs, attempting to take her own life. That moment change my life forever. I spent a LOT of yea...
Most have a skewed view when it comes to the darkness. They believe the dark is in opposition of the light, a representation of what evil is. I disagree. Dont get me wrong, I definitely felt that way before and used the word alongside words like entity. But after being held for 3 days, suspended ...