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Families can be together forever
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Master Esthetician since 2008! Only sharing my tried and true favorites! #skincare and #makeup Tips and tricks for everyone!
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We exist to rescue children from trafficking and exploitation
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The birthday celebration continues! I wonder what movie were going to see? #happybirthday #barbie
Happy birthday to the sweetest girl I know! This woman right here is the salt of the earth. The girls and I couldnt be happier to call her Wife and Mother! Happy birthday love! Youre our everything! @quadruplethekisses
Encourage your children
Summer is our vibe #summer #gardnerquadsquad #quadruplets
They grow up so fast#gardnerquadsquad #quadruplets
Never a dull moment around here
Go see this movie. Now. #godschildrenarenotforsale #endchildslavery @ourrescue
Relaxing pool day for the win!
What an incredibly beautiful day yesterday! Indie, Esme, Scarlett and Evangelines baptism. #baptism #jesuschrist #love #faith
Happy Independence Day! Our families favorite holiday! How grateful we are to live in the greatest country ever established! Life, Liberty, and Freedom! Patriotism and love of country fill our hearts and home. May we continue to be free and be grateful for that freedom! #freedom #independenceday ...
Wedding vibes with cousins
Aunt Madisons wedding yesterday was so much fun! So happy for her and Garrett. Wedding vibes!