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UWW Grappling National Coach
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Just two weeks left, now its all about staying healthy, injury-free, and staying focused. ADCC TRIALS
Day II of my ADCC CAMP!Thanks to every single person who took partThanks to for the mat space two days in a row!Thanks to @anja_almendras for the mobility torture and @photoblackbelt for the shots!
First day of the ADCC CAMP at Zanshin Dojo
Dear Sarah, you were one of the most crucial training partners for me last year. Without you, I certainly wouldnt have risen from all the lows. You pushed me when needed, were available for intense training, and never complained but did everything to help me develop. As you evolved, youve become ...
Only a few tickets left Cauliflower Camp 3
Are you ready for my first official seminar in London? Thank you, @maxbickerton , for this fantastic opportunity. If youre interested in fresh insights, feel free to join the seminar on February 11th. Looking forward to seeing you there!
Hey my Hamburg friends! Ive got a fantastic restaurant recommendation for you that I wholeheartedly endorse. Those who know me are aware of my love for buffets and, especially, a wide variety of options. Whether youre a local or just visiting Hamburg, make sure to check out this place. I recently...
Gamila Kanew is a German black belt under Alain Pozo representing ZR Team Germany. Gamila sded in winning some big medals like gold IBJJF Nogi Euros and bronze IBJJF Worlds 22 (brown belt) and silver UWW Worlds 21 & 22 She loves coffee and cheesecake. She says: When I am fighting I think abo...
This year, summarizing it in just 90 seconds is a challenge! Ive formed some great new friendships. I had the honor of promoting @tomy_jln to brown belt. Ive fought in countless shows, consistently losing in the finals by decision when it came to the money . I hosted the @cauliflowercamp for the ...
Another years winding down. Its been a mix of highs and lows. This year, Ive faced defeats not just on the mats but in life too, yet somehow managed to triumph in battles I thought were lost causes. Ive grasped the importance of feeling at home where I live and accepting that we cant have everyth...
Mount Diablo
Did ya know Im a geography teacher? No kidding. Besides Jiu Jitsu, Im in love with the mountains. Hiking 6 miles through that stunning scenery.#hiking #finallyvacation #redrockcanyon