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It's takeover time, baby: your honest insight into six weeks of Sextech School!For everyone who has ever wanted to be part of the program, this is your chance to get a feel for things. Hi! my name is Georgie, and I'll be taking over here for the next six weeks, as I go through Sextech School as p...
Scary times indeed by @miacsosa
by @patriciadots
Sexual Desire Discrepancy What is sexual desire discrepancy? This is when two people within a relationship have mismatched libidos. One partner may want to have sex all the time, and the other partner every so often. This is pretty common, with research stating that around 80% of couples experie...
Happpy Halloween weekend to everyone in slutty outfits only by @joce_cova
Sex shouldn't hurt! If you have a vulva and experience pain during sex, there may be a number of different causes, including: Infection Endometriosis Vaginismus Vulvodynia Lack of lubrication Past sexual trauma Painful sex can be treated in a variety of different ways, depending on what is causi...
The real problem starts when you have too many vibrators and dont know which cord is which
What are your favorite nons*xual forms of touch? Do you love a kiss on the forehead or maybe a foot rub? by @sevensomethingx
How do you feel about your partner watching p0rn? Do you watch it together?Research has found that most people who are dissatisfied with their partner watching p0rn do not watch p0rn themselves, and it appears that p0rn is not a problem within the relationship, but it is used as a tool to manage ...
Shut up and kiss me and hold me tight by @eromaticax
Why am I not wet?Lack of vaginal lubrication is often caused by low estrogen levels. A drop in estrogen levels occurs throughout many stages of life, including menopause, perimenopause, postpartum, or breastfeeding. However, many other factors affect lubrication, including stress, menstrual cycle...
Sending love to all my chronic pain girls, guys, and they's by @therealfluffnotaro