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If you want to have hip mobility like Peter Pan in Neverland, then by all means, continue to prioritize deep squats in your training.If you want to have the hip strength and stability of a sprinter, that can also deep squat when needed, then do Functional Patterns.Why not do both? Theres a hierar...
Mariana had 7/10 hip pain due powerlifting training that exacerbated her scoliosis and imbalances. Right before completing the 10 Week Online Program she contacted @marti_poliz @fp.sicily and they worked together online. She is now out of pain for the most part, if it does come on it goes to 1/10...
Another Human Foundations Course completed It was a packed house of humans wanting to learn more about the only system on the planet producing repeatable results that last. We had journeyman electricians and plumbers in this course. There were physiotherapists and personal trainers in this cours...
FP Doer @michaela.emh talks with @_pablo_martin__ about her experience and the results she got with the 10 Week Online Program #functionalpatterns #fpisthestandard#10weekonlineprogram
Medicine ball slams are some of the most versatile exercises someone can have at their disposal. From strength training to cardio, the gym to outdoors they are one of the most widely used methods of training. We make sure that they also become exercises that help correct our dysfunctions instead ...
Jen started doing our the 10 Week Online Program in August 2023. Then she began training with @nick_gaasvig in September, doing 6 virtual sessions between September and October 2023. Jen has since completed the Functional Training System while taking time to go back over the 10 Week Online Progra...
The trainers you tell your trainer not to worry about:Human Biomechanics Specialists.All HBS courses for 2024 are sold out, and we have a waiting list of several hundred deep. Registration for 2025 is now open on a first-come, first-served basis.HBS 1 February 1st-4thHBS 2 February 6th-9thCheck t...
Stretching is one of those things that everyone likes doing because when you first stretch an area that feels stiff you will get a sensation of relief. Kind of like smoking a cigarette when youre anxious. It does help but at what cost? What most dont realize is that our body isnt a bunch of diffe...
Improving our ability to walk and run, should dominate every aspect of our training. As they are the most valuable movements that we can master as humans. If we consider that being able to sprint into old age is the greatest marker for health and longevity, why are we not prioritizing the ability...
Alexandra was born prematurely at 33 weeks. She was hemorrhaged in the brain, resulting in Cerebral Palsy and Quadruparesis. She also has Epilepsy, Scoliosis, incontinence, strabismus and difficulty articulating. She has been in wheelchair since childhood, but was able to walk short distance with...
All of our cells are mechano sensitive. This means they have receptors in them that respond to movement and pressure forces like sheering, torsion, bending, compression etc. Now remember that all of our cells were incubated in an environment that pushed humans to breathe oxygen, eat as omnivores ...
Hard wired dysfunctions, habits and neuro pathways are hard to overcome. This is why precise targeted functional fatigue is needed to overcome them. The results our practitioners get around the world with all kinds of different dysfunctions stem from our ability to create fatigue in ways that per...