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Speed: the rate at which someone or something is able to move or operate.1% Better Every Day #FEEDTHEWOLF #Speed #speedtraining #sportsperformance #ironworks
#Work #FEEDTHEWOLF @evan_dillinger_25
1% Better Every Day | @backes_581 #FEEDTHEWOLF
If you arent working hard, wyd??Year is off to a great start #FEEDTHEWOLF
Max V/Top End Speed Work Maximum velocity is top end speed; it is the highest level of speed that an athlete can attain after the acceleration phase of a sprint. As an athlete it is important to train all phases of the sprint to accomplish peak performance and efficiency across the entire range! ...
Level Up | @ct_worley #FEEDTHEWOLF
Leveling Up - Friday Barbell Work @chris.johnnides @rycooney05 @dillon_alcouffe #FEEDTHEWOLF
Speed Strength: The Ability To Absorb & Transmit Forces Rapidly.. Training for speed goes beyond speed & agility work! When training with sub-maximal loads in the weight room, the goal is to increase force development which directly translates to how quickly an athlete can produce force in a spri...
Across almost all sports the emphasis on developing upper body power goes beyond raw strength. It involves training the specific force development required for the unique demands of each sport. This approach not only enhances performance but also cultivates a well-rounded athlete capable of handl...
@calebjschreiber & @omari.burr moving 510lbs Easy!! Omari is just getting into our off-season program & Caleb is home for a quick break for Thanksgiving.. Dudes came to work! #FEEDTHEWOLF
Another week in the books Plan your work, work your plan. Spring is right around the corner [soccer, basketball, lacrosse, track and field, broomfield, boulder, Lafayette, superior, Westminster, holy family, Broomfield High School, Legacy, Fairview, CHSAA, high school athletes, college prep]
Sunday In Season Work | Playoffs Week 2 On The Menu @rycooney05 @chris.johnnides #FEEDTHEWOLF