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Summer is HERE, kids are out of school & vacations are around the corner. With this comes trips to crowded places where its easy for your child to walk away or be separated from the group!! Below are some simple safety tips to use with your kids if ANY age:(1) Take a FULL body photo of your child...
Finally a what I eat in a day to meet my protein & calorie goals!If youre not tracking daily calorie intake + macros (protein + fats + carbs) you wont know if your nutrition is dialed in for results! If you need help figuring out your needs, DM me, Id be happy to help! Details about my day & wha...
Pretty simple, YES. As an immigrant myself, its unbelievable that this is being tolerated anywhere for any period of time. NO other country would allow this so why is it being tolerated here?Grateful for the fraternities standing up and fighting this when the weak administration on campus refuses...
Technology has helped us keep track of our kids & be able@to stay in contact with them at all@times but its also evolved to possibly put us on some terrifying situations. New AI capabilities can literally make a clone of you or your child with any sound bite or video clip. This can have significa...
Happy 21st birthday to the sweetest young man Ive ever met. Thank you to your sweet mama @xtina_gdlhndlit setting up this surprise for him & surprising me by recording & sharing it. It will forever be ingrained as the best memory & day on patrol for me ! A day Ill never forget, the look on his f...
NOTHING & I mean NOTHING lifts my mood like getting outside & moving my body. You dont need to run, do a race or even lift anything. Just get outside, soak up some sun & put one foot in front of the other.What many dont know about me is that I battled depression for most of my life. It wasnt cons...
Meant to share this a few months back but its taken on a whole new meaning in the last few months & especially the last few weeks. While this video & lesson is about my vest, there is SO MUCH more to it.You see, I stayed in my comfort zone most of my life, until I was in my 40s to be honest. And ...
Always remember that God may take something from you that you may rightfully deserve. But know that when He does, its for your protection and redirection. He will ALWAYS upgrade you. It may not be right away, there may be some pitfalls along the way, but know this, HE ALWAYS REDEEMS THE FAITHFUL....
Live discussion & Q&A on everything hormone related for men & women! How hormonal fluctuations affect fitness and nutrition needs?How to design a workout routine that aligns with hormonal cycles?What role does nutrition play in supporting hormonal balance?How to get your hormones tested even when...
In addition to having an emoji text code with your kids, its also wise to have a little word that alerts you to your child being in an uncomfortable or possibly dangerous situation that you need to remove them from. With that said, its important to raise strong kids that will speak out & stand up...
Who wants a cold protein shake when its cold outside? You can have protein + collagen in hot chocolate instead!My hot chocolate has bone broth, collagen, zero sugar, 3 carbs & a whopping 45 grams of protein with only 240 calories! The kids version has 125 calories, 6 carbs & 15 grams protein. ...
Have the conversations with your kids & know how to help get them out of uncomfortable situations. Be the one they go to not the one theyre afraid to go to My kids & I have a secret code (an emoji theyll text me) if theyre iba situation they want to get out of without their friends or whoever the...