Fat Pig Farm

Sustainable 70 acre farm in Southern Tasmania where Gourmet Farmers Matthew Evans Sadie Chrestman grow cook eat and live
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Here's a book we'd like to see. The amazing food activists AFSA have put together a book about the true cost of food and what we can do about it. They need help to publish it. Check out the link in our bio for more info. How can we change an industrial food system that ripples out from two major ...
The extremely talented Urshula Leung is coming back to Fat Pig Farm. Ive put a link in our bio. Ticket price includes a welcome drink and canaps by Niccola. What a marvellous afternoon.
Bees in the plum tree
Plum blossom
It was a good day to prune apple trees.
Worm castings or chocolate cake?
Look what came out today! Its filled with a whole bunch of really good ideas for things that Id really like to do but just needed a bit more information and guidance to get me over the line. And if youre wondering which lovely bookshop this is, its Megalong Books in Leura.
Okay, so you probably know plastic is bad. Not all bad, but single use, wasteful plastic is ruining our soils, damaging our waterways, killing wildlife. Matthew is an ambassador for Picnics Unwrapped and he's keen for you to unplastic your lunch. There'll be a launch Sep 1st online. More to come....
Before and After. @vrrfff and I (Sadie) cleaned up the old brambleberry canes (collective noun for youngberries, boysenberries, loganberries and one solitary sylvanberry). They are the prickliest! In long sleeves and thick gloves we cut out the dead canes (last years fruit) and left the new canes...
As much forest has been lost (cut down to harvest wood, plant crops and graze animals) in the last hundred years as in the nine thousand before. Jill Lepore Root and Branch New Yorker May 2023 The picture is Western Tasmania. Last week.
Pasta @thebowmont this Sunday 13 August with @_michellecrawford and @_jamieyates Head over to @thebowmont for details on their winter pasta class: bolognese and lasagne. So a quick story on why you should do this class: For our second date Matthew invited me over for spag bol. I pretty much decid...
It's newsletter time! Should be going out tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed. If you haven't signed up you can get there via our bio. Cheers and a very good morning to you from Myrtle.