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BUFFALO CHICKEN DIP NACHOS FTW get the recipe: farideh.substack.com
la mejor comida
night & day
hello I made seafood gumbo. RECIPE AND VIDEO ON FARIDEH.SUBSTACK.COM why havent you subscribed yet??
what a joyful // magical experience! my face still hurts from smiling middle eastern nachos and st grape leaves and eggplant dip and joojeh and halloumi and jeweled rice and saffron labneh mousse and the best people and EDY! love love love
Join us for our first 2024 MEZZE BAR pop-up for an unbelievable Persian-Lebanese spread weve put together with chef @farideh happening NEXT Wednesday evening! We cant wait to get cozy and experience the mezze magic together once more Tickets are live on Edysgrocer.com or from the link in our bi...
most recipes start with me crying over onions tbh RECIPE AT FARIDEH.SUBSTACK.COM
Rice Krispies treats + + @bambambaklava watch it now! (link in bio!!)
SUNDRIED TOMS + HAMBURGER HELPER + MY HH NECKLACE new recipe and video at farideh.substack.com
tis the season(and before you ask, yes, I did say poop shoot)
my #1 tip for holiday entertaining: dont invite anyone over.
the face you make when you realize you had something in your teeth for the first part of the video and didnt notice NEW RECIPE AND VIDEO UP, FARIDEH.SUBSTACK.COM YouTube channel coming soon for all you freaks out there.