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ADC: Urban model from last semester of a housing proposal for interwoven funnel-shaped housing that shades social spaces below and creates terraced internal communities by ASU student Brandon Shieh
ADC: Proposal for stacked horizontal bars adding infill density to downtown Phoenix by growing from diminishing existing neighborhoods by @asudesignschool student Melissa Quinones
ADC: Massing model for an aggregating cloud structure growing throughout downtown Phoenix by @asudesignschool student Brennan Richards
ADC: Axonometric drawing for a perimeter typology of tetris-ish units that add shade and limits to downtown Phoenix by 4th year undergrad student Marcia Ibarra @asudesignschool
Out now in your local Kinokuniya: Interview by FO's @bryanmaddock_ about the @dimensionsguide project in September's @casabrutus
ADC: Some initial gut reactions to generating and placing future architectures into various contexts of Phoenix by our Desert Cities @asudesignschool 4th year students
ADC: Some collages of Phoenix 2070 to kick off the semester by 4th year students in our Alternative Desert Cities studio @asudesignschool
Amazing to be Rejected with these people. Should be a great show put on by @t_e_a_m_b and @knowltonosu
FND: Assortment of weekly volumetric studies from the 2nd year @asudesignschool architecture studio led by @bryanmaddock_ Marc Neveu, and Karin Santiago
TC: Collection of 44 TEST CITY mash-ups each combining three individual socio-spatial issues into a 'city' by @asudesignschool students
ADC: Future urban inhabitants, units, and urban section resettling river washes by @asudesignschool student Cecile Kim from our Fall 2018 Alternative Desert Cities studio