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Calling all busy moms! Want to win an amazing prize pack to level up your productivity, wellness, health, and more??? Be sure to sign up for The Ultimate Level Up Your Mom Life Giveaway -- were giving away over $54,300 in prizes! 40 lucky winners will receive one of our prize packs worth over $...
How I wake up as a mom. Sometimes I feel like a MOMbie. Sometimes, a MOMlien. Yep that's my alien pun of the day. So what do you think about this alien fossil? Hmmm...#momlifebelike #workingmomslife #corporatemillenial
If my out of office was stream of consciousness.. but why all the typos me? #outofoffice #outofofficeon #ooo
I can't believe the 4 amazing (and challenging) years here in Hawaii have come to an end. We are being booted off the island. You don't have to go home but you can't stay here. Forever thankful for the amazing opportunity to get to live here, and on to the next adventure.
One more Hawaiian adventure, we rode a submarine on Big Island Have you ever been in a submarine?#submarineride #bigislandhawaii #bigislandlove #underthesea #oceanfloor #alohaspirit #hawaii
Wow this little one has grown up fast! That was 7 summers ago #sevensummersago #7summers
June was quite a month. What a rollercoaster we went through from a busy work season to out amazing anniversary trip to coming home and our dog passing a few days later, to starting our pack out for this cross country move. Its been overwhelming lll say. How was your June? #junerecap #byejune #he...
Adventure is the theme of our life right now. Enjoy the beautiful Maui sunsets as I sit surrounded by boxes. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. Helen Keller Adventure is worthwhile in itself. Amelia EarhartTwo adventur...
Who doesn't love social media? I mean, look, we're on it all the time! What's your favorite way to stay connected?#socialmediaday
Happy National Work From Home Day! Where are you working from today? Bonus: Tell me where is your favorite place to work.#nationalworkfromhomeday #workfromhomeday #workfromhome #workremotely #remotework
I made this video some time back but its always relevant and honest. Though these days Im adding moving stress and duties on top of it all. Why are you tired today? Let me know
This particular PCS / military move has got me burning the candle at both ends #pcsseason #militarymove #overseaspcs #militarytiktok #militarywife #militarylife