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For a fun day in the sun enter to W I N a a Beach BAG, an APPLE WATCH, a BOSE SPEAKER, and a STANLEY!! OR take it all in C a s h, a $4 0 0 value!! So cool, right?! Its so easy to enter:.1.L I K E + S A V E this post2.F O L L O W Me3.F O L L O W @classy_giftings and everyone they F O L L O W. See ...
Its OOO out of office season. Share some of your favorite OOO messages you used, or the sassy out of office autoresponders you wanted to use. #outofoffice #WorkingParents #remotework #workingmom #careermom #workingmoms #summervibes #momswithcareers #worklifebalance
If you have a freebie that working moms and busy moms would love, lets chat. I would love to fill my email list with goodies! And if youre not a subscriber what are you waiting for?
I am standing at my kitchen counter working because the movers already took everything- my desk, chair, second monitor. Its all being moved to our new location and we will be going there soon too. But in the meantime I am working like this, standing up, hunched over a laptop. Because military spo...
Its PCS season which means we are moving again which means working while OOO and driving across states. Whee!Take me to the ocean. Let me sail the open sea. To breathe the warm and salty air and dream of things to be. Erica BillupsShare with us your favourite blue moments using #ilwl_blue . Lets...
So which way is right? Are you a wild silverware loader to the dishwasher? Or do you have a preference?
I see you working parents, navigating the daily grind while shouldering the heavy burden of sky-high childcare costs. In too many states, childcare bills rival rent payments, adding stress to an already demanding balancing act. Lets stand together and advocate for affordable childcare solutions. ...
Whats your June highlight? Share the one thing you just cant wait for each year as June rolls around!#junevibes #summervibes #summerplans
Just say no to Monday morning meetings. #momswithcareers #careermom #careermoms #fabworkingmomlife #worklifebalance #worklifeintegration #workingmomlife #momsthatwork
Heres another man telling a woman to be a homemaker. But this time, hes trying to disguise it as saving money - boy math? Because most two-adult working families dont actually pay for all these services. And exactly ZERO working men pay their stay at home wives this. So, no, sir. Youre not saving...
Quiet vacationing: where the only thing louder than the waves crashing is the productivity. Embracing the freedom to work remotely while soaking in the beauty of a new destination. Who needs PTO when your office is wherever you make it? Ever tried quiet vacationing and accidentally crossed the li...
A couple of weeks ago hubs asked for permission to plan a family adventure day without telling anyone what it was. He then continued to torment us with hints and deception. For example, it will be a new state for me and Hank, and something neither of us have done before, but he has. He also trick...