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Not many Agaves are more attractive than havardiana. A standout in this cluster of pots, whats not to love about it! Plants Used: Crassula Max Cook Agave havardiana Agave geminiflora Euphorbia ingens Cryptomeria globosa Nana Juniperus conferta
Euphorbia acruensis Cowboy is commonly known as the Cowboy. Rich green in colour, this low-maintenance and drought-tolerant succulent is often recognised as the Cowboy due to its association with the iconic image of the desert Available in all sizes, this Euphorbia thrives under minimal care, mak...
Its all about making the right selection. Lucky for you, we always have combinations prepared to inspire you, making the selection process simple, bringing your garden to life with ease.
When youre a focal point, you must be at your best from all angles. The Queensland Bottle Tree is doing just that.Plant Supply | @exotic_nurseries Landscape Design + Construction | @outsideindulgence_landscaping
The ultimate Greenwall. Plants Used: Ficus pumila Strelitzia nicolai Ligularia reniformisPlant Supply | @exotic_nurseries Design + Landscape | @stonelotuslandscapes
Some serious textures leading up to the day bed. We hope youve had a relaxing weekend. Plants Used: Agave Blue Glow Crassula Blue Bird Phillodendron Xanadu Casuarina Cousin ItPlant Supply | @exotic_nurseries Design | @amrock_designs Landscape | @amrocklandscapes_pools
Whats your pick?
Fire pit for Winter, Pool for Summer. An outdoor space to be enjoyed all year roundPlant Supply | @exotic_nurseries Design + Landscape | @greenstyle_landscapes
Opuntia Burbank Spineless, one of the hero pieces of our blue grey pot setup. Plants Used: Opuntia Burbank Spineless Aloidendron (Aloe) dichotomum Dichondra Silver Falls Senecio serpens Festuca Beyond Blue Sedum morganianum
Overlooking the beautiful Bronte Beach, Agave Blue Glow in a bed of succulents & Zoysia form a low lying textural garden maintaining uninterrupted ocean views. Plants Used: Agave Blue Glow Crassula Blue Bird Zoysia tenuifolia Aloe Bish Baby Yellow Aloe GemaniiPlant Supply | @exotic_nurseries Desi...
Take a minute to admire the beauty & architectural form of the Draceana Draco. Available in a wide range of sizes, its easy to see why these specimens have been the hero for some time. | @topestateaustralia
Euphorbia Cowboy, lined up ready to go.