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Would you rather be a member at Central Park CC (NY) or Lincoln Park National (Chi) no wrong answers! @golfdigest
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Full Send Sunday! 3:27 & change
Quality way to kill an hour this AM @idjmoore
Get your trail elbow in front of your trail hip with your butt back, shifting forward, and turning to take some money of your buddies this weekend
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Out here in the NYC Orange Haze Heres an online lesson with @nottobragg an accomplished player who played in the 2010 Public Links. Theres a lot to learn here! If you struggle with early extension and getting the trail arm trapped on the downswing this is a must watch! @sacredlinks @skillestapp
Struggling with pulls and scoopy impact?! SOUND UP Happy, PGA Championship Sunday Yall
Meet my new friends Marti & Dr. Dre
I got swindled @barstoolsports @hackshackindoorgolf
Role of the trail leg throughout the golf swing. Important dos and dont. Check out the full 5 min video on you tube!
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