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#election2024 Historic new government
Fact check
Love from my pet to all you haters
Sambar truth! Why do we men feel so emasculated without Work? #standupcomedy #genderequality
#fathersday : dont tag your daddy! #Aansplaining full show on YouTube
#Aansplaining full show online. Watch it before it leaves YouTube :) #standupcomedy #genderequality
@evamkarthikThis September would be four years of us :) . All the cuddles, all the giggles, all the sexy, all the sad. All of me loves all of you.
Normalise Divorce. Its not the end of the world- its a new chapter in yours ;)! #Aansplaining full show on YouTube.
Special gift if you loved #Aansplaining : art by @vasuscribbles link in bio
How macho a sport is is directly proportional to how much #Men are likely to get killed in the playing of it. #Aansplaining watch the show on YouTube - link in bio #t20worldcup #t20wc2024 #t20cricket
Welcome to #Aansplaining : watch the full show on YouTube and let me know what you felt . #patriarchy #standupcomedy #genderequality #maleprivilege
Watch the full show on YouTube. Link in bio #aansplaining #genderequality #maleprivilege