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Un hermoso lugar para estar! The mesmerizing beauty of the Salt Mines of Maras in Peru, where thousands of salt pools create a stunning patchwork of white against the Andes. These ancient mines, still in use today, offer a unique glimpse into the regions rich cultural heritage. Dont miss the chan...
The stunning coastal district of Miraflores, Lima, with its breathtaking ocean views! Did you know its famous for the stunning Parque del Amor and its beautiful mosaic artwork?Have you been here? Share your experiences with us! @dji.pe
San Cristbal y San Blas, apodados el balcn de Cusco, son dos barrios situados en las alturas de la ciudad.Las calles estrechas y las casas coloridas son un testimonio vivo de la rica historia y la vibrante cultura de Per.Al pasear por estas calles adoquinadas, sers transportado a una atmsfera pac...
The Salkantay Trek is a breathtaking alternative to the Inca Trail, featuring high snow-capped mountains, lush jungle, and a visit to the Inca site of Llactapata. Its the perfect blend of trekking, culture, and nature, with fewer crowds allowing you to fully enjoy the Andes natural beauty. @iame...
The beauty of the streets of Cusco is truly enchanting, where every corner reveals a blend of history and vibrant local culture. As two women walk their camelids along the cobblestones, you can see the richness of tradition and daily life unfold before your eyes. @ra_gallegos
The cliffs of Miraflores meet the clouds. When you visit this place, you cant but experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Limas coastal gem from a breathtaking new perspective. If you havent been here, get ready to be swept away by the majestic cliffs of Miraflores in this captivating aerial view...
Hhina, Peru The oasis of Hhina in Peru is a must-see gem for any travel bucket list!This surreal desert paradise is surrounded by golden sand dunes. Whether youre into heart-pumping sandboarding or just chilling with a sunset view, there is something for you here! @unchartedbackpacker
The Nazca Lines in Peru are an extraordinary series of ancient geoglyphs etched into the desert floor, depicting various animals, plants, and geometric shapes. Created by the Nazca culture between 500 BCE and 500 CE, these massive artworks remain one of the greatest archaeological mysteries. Hav...
Yawarccocha Lagoon, also known as Red or Blood Lagoon, is a striking red lake in Cusco, located at the foot of the Snowy Ausangate at about 4800 meters above sea level. Its unique color comes from the clay and algae in the water. To visit, travel to Pitumarca, then Hatun Phinaya, and finish with ...
Watch the stunning sunset in Arequipa, where the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors against the backdrop of majestic volcanoes. This breathtaking view captures the serene beauty and unique charm of the city as day turns to night. @world_walkerz
Cajamarca at night is a serene blend of history and nature, illuminated by warm streetlights and the soft glow of its colonial architecture. The quiet streets and star-filled sky create a peaceful atmosphere, perfect for a leisurely evening stroll. As you walk, the gentle sounds of the city lull ...
Lima living . The vibrant capital of Peru, Lima is a city where history and modernity converge. Known for its rich colonial architecture, thriving culinary scene, and diverse cultural attractions, Lima offers a dynamic urban experience. From its bustling markets to its serene coastal views, Lima ...