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The secret to getting a body you love, is to love the body youve got Trust me: I have been all shapes in sizes throughout the years. Competition lean, a few pounds over my liking, and no matter how I looked it was never good enough. Once I learned to truly love my body for all that it is, my mind...
Self confidence is a super power. Once you start believing in yourself, magic starts happening Have you ever dreamed of doing a photoshoot? Comment HECK YES if you want me to help you make your dream come true with my 16 week Guide To Confidence Program Photographer @rep300 #selflove #confident #...
Tulum, you were magic #mysoulisfulloflove #tulum #tulum2024 #magicaltime #cupisfull #housemusiclovers #zamna #dayzero
POV You only have 30 minutes to hit a leg workout, and you are limited on equipment. Try out this quick, yet effective leg workout Single leg hip bridges Banded/ Weighted Hip BridgesSplit SquatsGoblet Squats Stiff Leg Deadlifts Because you want to maximize on time, I would work in the 10-12 rep r...
Hellllllo 2024 Who else is so excited for this new year? I know this girl is!!!!!This week has been all about getting my clients back into routine, and setting my new clients up with their plans I know I say this alot, but I just loveee what I do #sograteful What is one of your fitness goals fo...
You dont need heavy weights to get a good workout in! Watch to end!#PoweredByPvl #TeamPvl #KettleBellWorkout #OutdoorWorkout
Confidence = keeping the promises we make to ourselves @officialbetterbodies has an incredible sale on today for their 20 days of Christmas promo! Use code 20days19 to take 50% off all purchases over $200What an incredible deal Sale ends tonight, so what sure you take advantage! #betterbodies #c...
Who is ready to walk into their most confident self in 2024?! If so, I am ready to help you I am looking for 4 women who are ready to kick start 2024 with my 12 week program.If this sounds like you, comment I AM READY, and lets chat #wellness #wellnesscoach #leadbyexample #newyearnewyou #fitness ...
Muscle building, performance, power, recovery and gut health are the pillars of Emilys supplements stack. Whats the focus of your stack?#PoweredByPvl #TeamPvl #PlantBasedProtein #Creatine #Glutamine
Happiness is a state of mind. A state of ease and fulfillment. A state of acceptance. Ill tell you a little secret, no matter how lean, muscular, or fit you get, you will never be happy with your body unless you learn inner happiness. Trust me! I have been competition lean many, many times. Photo...
The crucial question is..How strong is your desire? Are you prepared to consistently dedicate yourself? Not just for today or the upcoming 8 weeks, but for the entirety of your life! Fitness requires more than sporadic commitment. it embodies a lifestyle! Once you experience the incredible positi...
When we set specific time based goals,we are more likely to be motivated, and achieve results Having something specific to work towards such as a photo shoot, a wedding or even a fitness competition provides a clear goal. Having that set date will most likely keep the motivation higher I am soooo...