Emma Ahlberg

Swedish dressagerider 🇸🇪 based in Denmark 🇩🇰 since 2009.
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Severis Zinfandel & Jamila Enshj are both qualified for Herning Horse Show 2024 We are very much looking forward to presenting these nice horses at the biggest and best show of the year thanks to @danskvarmblodforbund for giving us the opportunity to show our young horses under such nice condit...
Baby Spunk out and about for the first time ever this past Saturday |Ad|
Black pearl Ingrid Owner: @team.enterprise.farm @melfarm
Some umbrella training for Dressheart M today Its he the cutest pony? |Ad|
Rafetto & Malene did good Saturday at the DW ability test |Ad|
Coco nailed all the dance steps tonight in Uggerhalne Friday it was all a bit scary, but today she felt very confident dancing in the arena.Scoring 75,926% and a first place I am super proud of this young girl Coco is for sale |Ad|
Cocos and mine first competition together It was a bit scary in the arena but still we managed quite well. With several 8s we got 68,7% despite the couple of mistakes we also made.Nr 4 today and we are going again on Sunday |Ad|
Autumn colors |Ad|
A little more about Franka and lets talk about all the drool she put on Lars shirt when he tried to support her in waiting for getting her prizes Ad
Recap from the final test on Sunday at @jonkopinghorseshow with Franka I am super proud of Franka and the way we managed to show this weekend |Ad|
Gangster earning a 6th place in Agria Star of Tomorrow at @jonkopinghorseshow He was quite overwhelmed by everything at the show but we did our best and he shows again that he has a heart of gold |Ad|
Better late then never, right?!Congratulations @mathilde.krarup you are now the owner of a super cool REN Show jacket by @catago_equestrian Please send me a message and we will organize for you to get it! |Ad|