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I'm so pleased to share a recent glimpse into our studio and my thoughts with A/D China: I have this dream that I show age in flowers, which is a total conundrum... Using flowers, plants and foliage as her medium, Thompson expresses ideas and stories around the natural world, about beauty and dec...
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Heres to a 2024 teeming with life.
looking back to october velvet reefs with @ferrari. @Ferraris three-day exhibition at New York Citys Public Square & Gardens at Hudson Yards culminating in an exclusive charity auction during the Ferrari Gala. The exclusive event at The Shed performing arts center saw a significant contribution t...
A joyous steamy Mississippi swamp we created for a native son this October. The Magnolia grandiflora was in primo form so we let it do most of the talking, it being the state flower, just for starters, just allowing hints here and there of its inhabitants- a cayman? A chorus of frogs, certainly. ...
This weeks installation at @cosmenyc really pulls the earth up into the firmament. --- @julianne.nash
I had the pleasure of reprising a favorite project (@ullajohnson SS23 runway) with our friends @tmagazine where this time the lichen crept up the wall and started to envelop the furniture. We forewent our more subtle colorways in favor of an oil slick rainbow, which felt all the more frightening,...
For a moment between itsformer life as bank, and future life asfoodcourt, we inhabited this singular space, building a fictionalworld overtaken by grassland. Our team feigned a breeze to spread milkweed and goldenrod seed into every crevasse. The grass emergedfrom cracked concrete and terrazzo to...
This past April, this belching, snorting Komodo caterpillar emerged out of untold bales of azalea, dogwood and Jurassic scale philodendrons laid on their sides, a spill of excreta in its wake.This very late post is a little love letter to the participants and hosts-now dear friends- of an April w...
Huzzah spring! This fantasy landscape in five distinct palettes shifts and evolves as the flowers fade and new things emerge. So far, azalea, local plum, pear, Yoshino, Kwanzan, Akebono and Okame cherry, quince, and several varieties of tulip magnolia have all found their way into our thickets, ...
For those who share my relish of monster baby ferns and other contradictions, here are a few more shots of our recent @jasonwu project to ward off the March doldrums. Some elements didnt make it into the final work but stole our hearts a bit. Also you can see @rachelsunae staring down the barrel ...
I am delighted to announce an upcoming workshop in NYC with the wonderful floral designers @wagnerjk and @lamusadelasflores. I hope you can join us, it promises to be a most memorable time!Tickets at the link in bio.
Its been almost a month since we had the exquisite pleasure of designing these Jurassic copses for our friend @jasonwu for his FW23 runway. We achieved a particular equilibrium- a spare armature was able to lift these masses of heavy, waterlogged swamp specimens into ferris wheels and Werksttte s...