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What I did about my wrinkly belly skinI get asked all the time how I managed to get rid of my wrinkly belly skin and whether I had surgery to remove it. The truth? I didnt do anything. Its still there, and its all about the lighting and how I stand. These 2 photos were taken just a few days apart...
I took my caterpillars to dinner tonight. For those who arent a part of my broadcast channel, I laminated my brows yesterday. I feel so 90s in this outfit. Ive been online shopping a fair bit lately & have been getting some new outfits I love & Ive been having fun with it. Im dressing for ME &...
Insecurities, body image, confidence these words carry so much weight in our lives. They shape how we see ourselves and how we believe the world sees us.There are days when I feel super confident in who I am and how I show up in the world. On those days, I feel unstoppable, like I can conquer any...
Lately, Ive been hiding away, letting the fear of what others think and the worry of saying or doing something wrong hold me back. Ive been paralyzed by the fear of offending someone, and in doing so, Ive strayed from the very advice Ive been giving others for the past 14 years.In life, there wil...
Dec & I trained in our garage together today. Its been 1 week of being consistent with my training & nutritious diet & Im already feeling the difference! My FIT App ROCKS! Which is it, when couples train together, they:
Izaacs idea of getting a pic with mum!! So we moved house again (long story, but the owners wanted to move in with us.which we kindly declined). I wouldnt be able to walk around the house nakey anymore HAHA! Anywaaaay, its a fresh start in a house & location we adore, so it was a blessing in dis...
Taking my little hyperactive rascal through a workout with me! I dont know what was more exhausting, the workout, or trying to get him to focus haha! He had fun, moved & got outside though & thats whats important!! 4 rounds with as little rest as possible between exercises:Bicep curls x 12Squat...
Ever since I was a kid Ive struggled with feeling I belong. Ive searched for belonging my whole life & thought if I was successful Id be accepted. - It didnt work.Im learning to accept myself & find belonging with MY people who accept me for ME, instead of trying to change myself in order to fit ...
After her cover shoot with Body+Soul we caught up with Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit) who tells us the 6 things she wishes people knew about adult ADHD
After her ADHD diagnosis Emily Skye (@emilyskyefit) channelled her energy towards finding new ways to calm her mind when she is feeling stressed or overwhelmed Tune in, to find out!
My @bodyandsoul_au cover & feature will be out this Sunday. I talk about my ADHD diagnosis at age 39 & how my life FINALLY felt like it made sense. Be sure to grab a copy! - Thank you Body + Soul for having me.
Get Ready with Me - Goofball style! This is my daily routine. I dont like to wear much makeup so my daily look is usually skincare, brows, lip tint & a nourishing lash product Im working on for James Cosmetics. My current motto: Treat yourself like you would your best friend & be someone youd lo...