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My forever mood is gratitude
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I direct short films and play pretend on T.V. Sorry mom.
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Ladies and gentleman. My boss, my mentor, the father figure I never had and, above all, my friend, Taylor Sheridan for the cover of The Hollywood Reporter.
Today I became a citizen of the United States of America Only I know the pain and fear everytime I left the country, with interrogatories and questions on why I was gone and why did I spend so many days out of the country. Today marks the day that I leave all my fears left behind and if you think...
To hear from the one and only Hellen Mirren Emerson, Emerson, you remind me so much of my husband, you are such an artist was one of the most beautiful memories Ill carry along this beautiful journey I have started for myself. This is a gentle reminder to everyone out there, dream on. We only kno...
I go where you go even if its the death of me #1923
Ill meet you in Bozeman, Montana. Still of @brandonsklenar for @1923official
Portrait of one of my best friends, @ianbohen for Carmel Magazine. Anyone else missing the @yellowstone bunkhouse boys?
I am excited to announce Ive been working on a personal book and theres nothing better than to announce it with a portrait of Sam Elliott, taken on the back of his lovely home. I hope you all enjoy this ride with me. This is 33. This is the year of love (EM)
I believe in loving with your whole soul and destroying anything that wants to kill what you love @mzkellyreilly x @yellowstone
4 countries, thousands of miles driven and I am proud to say I got to be a part of this amazing creation. Im still in owe that today, millions of people will watch this show and see my work on the opening credits. This has been the most impactful year of my life, I lost people I loved but somehow...
I want life to be nothing less than an act of pure love and freedom. I am writing my own story thanks to this show and its creator. @yellowstone premieres today in the USA and I cant believe im writing this post from a different continent, heading to the airport to go somewhere else and if I said...
Gone country @yellowstone - I never post pictures of myself but @sirjacobs56 & @kelseyasbille did a great job on me this week. Hurry up, we are dreaming.
I am honored to share my story with @tvguide magazine - My career has taken a wild turn since the beginning of @yellowstone and I wouldnt have done it without Taylor Sheridan. Ive been thru a lot in my life but Id like to dedicate this post to the cop that stopped me 15 years ago and laughed at m...