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Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there. Super blessed to finally have all my siblings and the original Pappa Guggie in one place at one time. Its been many many years. I can speak for my siblings that we are all very good parents because we were raised by awesome parents. Then to top of ...
Wow. I am completely Blown Away with how many people sent me such amazing messages and comments on my Testimony. We all have one and Im super encouraged by how many of us share the struggles and feelings. I decided to post my story since it disappears after 24 hours. Im not going to lie, I was s...
This is the end of a Journey for me. The Single Season Royal Slam. But this is not the story ending your thinking of. This is my testimony of my journey here. In January I was invited to do my first Adoration by a very beautiful dear friend of mine. I had no idea what she invited me to but it so...
A new journey has begun! Its been 4 years since I built my last guitar. I had lost a lot of my artistic passion, didnt have a proper studio, and life. But as lifes journeys are such, Ive been blessed to have some amazing people in my life that have been such inspiration to me as Im in this next c...
My 2024 US Turkey Turkey Season is done. NWTF Goal Achieved. Blessed to be Blessed. Time to go home. #thankful #sharethepassion #guideforlife #NWTFGrandslam #nwtfroyalslam #godmadenaturegogetoutside #gobblegobble #tommythreetoes
Who is my mom? My mom has been a role model all my life. She is strong and beautiful. A kindness and love for people that truly models Christ. She had traveled from Russia, South America, Africa, and parts of the world sharing Gods message, feeding those who are hungry, and being a smile and hug ...
Thank you God for the bounty of your creations! Finally got my Eastern. 2 trips to Tennessee and hunting a type of land and Turkeys that are incredibly hard to kill. Today I made the decision that I just needed to go back to Amarillo and let this 2nd single season Grand Slam dream die. Just not ...
For All Us Spring Turkey Hunters! We are almost 1/2 way through. Good luck this season. Prayer:Our Lady, Queen of Hunters, cover me with your mantle of protection. St. Hubert, patron saint of hunters, please guide me and grant me a safe & successful hunting experience and hunting season. St. Hub...
They are the best.
The Memories They Make!!!! : @eguggie #1800327Band #ReportBands #LegBands #StoriesForLife #WaterfowlSeason #MakingMemories
Today was a Rite of Passage; @abbiguggenheim made her first Suicide Ski Trip. An Amarillo Tradition #skiamarillo @skinewmexico #guggiegirl #littlegoose
The modern face of the Waterfowl industry is largely shaped by the creativity artistic genius of 2 men in particular. My brothers from another planet, the sketchbook cowboy, and bandit of that black spinner bait on sunny days @artboytidwell and the creative genius of my twice removed 1/2 brother...