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Focus on keeping your legs longer and straighter during the kick.New swimmers often kick bigger and harder than necessary, thinking it will help with body position, but a lighter and narrower kick is actually more effective.Watch the full video on our YouTube Channel: How To Break 2:00/100m. Link...
In this episode, we discuss three ways to generate more propulsion without getting tired, along with a drill that will help you practice each of these methods. Tune in now! Link in bio.#swimming #podcast #swimfast #propulsion #triathlontraining
Watch the full video on our YouTube Channel: How To Break 2:00/100m. Link in bio.#swimanalysis #SwimFaster #triathlontraining #SwimmingTechnique
One of the Freestyle Drills every olympic swimmer does to swim fast and smoothSculling is a technique that helps develop the catch position and skinny S shape pull by getting a feel on the hand and forearm. It is beneficial for improving catch position and maintaining pressure.#swimmingtechnique ...
In this video, we have Leon, who has just been getting back into swimming for 6 months and is averaging around 2:00/100m. We will look into a couple of things that he could do to swim faster.Send us your videos for Feedback Friday: https://effortlessswimming.com/contact-us/#swimfast #swimmingtips...
Imagine pulling on tight jeans to engage your coreThis snippet is from the video titled '[Feedback Friday] How To Break 2:00/100m' Watch the full episode on our YouTube Channel. Link in bio. @andy.swimming#triatheleteintraining #openwaterswimming #SwimFaster #engagecore
Avoid gasping for air and instead aim for a light exhale through the nose.Followed by a gradual exhale and a quick dump of the air when turning head to breathe.Correct exhalation and focus on the exhale can lead to a natural breath in.If you're looking for a step-by-step way to become a faster sw...
How does marathon swimmer Andy Donaldson use his kick to maintain a 1:12/100m pace for 4 hours?#SwimmingTechnique #kicktiming #openwaterswimming #swimminglessons
These are three drills that keep popping up when I ask elite swimmers what they do in trainingAccess our member's only content including our library of elite swimmers. Link in bio.#swimming #swimfast #triathlete #olympicswimmer
In this episode, we have a special guest, marathon swimmer Andy Donaldson, who is a three-time world record holder. Andy shares his insights on freestyle technique and how he is able to maintain an impressive pace of 1:12 per 100m for 4 hours. This episode focuses solely on technique, as we delve...
This drill also helps to iron out kinks in strokes and unevenness from left to right sides. It helps to become aware of these differences and make adjustments to improve stroke performance. It is a worthwhile warm-up in most sessions and can bring all aspects together. However, it may not be the ...
Marathon swimmer Andy Donaldson talks about his freestyle technique and how he can hold 1:12/100m for 4 hours. @andy.swimming Get 20% off wetsuits at Great Ocean Wetsuits with code 'EFFORTLESS20':https://greatoceanwetsuits.com/