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@ricowadedf ..... we had a 3 day celebration full of happy feelings!!! A graduation party, a graduation, and a Dungeon Family Cookout at the Dungeon that was off the chain! Congrats to your seeds @ricowadedf and @ryderwadedf the college and high school graduates. Shout out to the REAL MVP Beatr...
With all my heart I wish you the happiest of birthdays @rasheeda ...my lil big sis ..... I love witnessing your growth, I love our health conversations, I love watching you as a wife and woman ( you do it so well) I love your love for your entire family, I love your love for me, I love how you l...
PROM 2024....... and then she left us with TWO ..... 2 QUEENS + 2 KIM'S = DOUBLE THE MELANIN, POWER, STRENGTH, BEAUTY, INTELLIGENCE, FIGHT, SASS, STYLE, & STRUT. ..... a true force that can't be stopped. The Legacy of Kim Porter fulll of style and grace. Forever my babies @the_combs_twi...
One never knows just how much you will miss a person until they are no longer here. Grief grips you when u least expect it, and will change your entire day, your plans, your actions towards people you love, your mood, make you question if you're depressed, in your right mind, if you're tripping, ...
Who said no new friends after 40 ???? Welllllll, they lied. It's up and stuck with this one right here. Feels good to not have to wonder about, stress over, second guess, or question. The way you love your family is enough for me. With us, everything happened the way it was supposed to....just ...
@ricowadedf ....it's veryyyyy hard to write this post. .. clearly u are the UNDISPUTED HEAVYWEIGHT OF ATLANTA ...PERIOD!!! @organizednoize did for the city of Atlanta something that will forever be embedded in the fiber and core of this great city. Rico exuded a spirit like noneother and left 2 ...
Business Services and SeaMoss Aloe Vera Queen!!!! *Ask about it*
MEET METODAY AT LENOX BLOOMONGDALES!!! 12 to 6pm!! @yandysmith @ebonielektra at the same darn time!!! @yelleskincare is taking over all weekend. Today is your last day! @atlfw #naturalskincare #plantbasedskincare #femaleentrepreneur CONGRATS YANDY!!! See you soon
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MAIN MAN ..... I love you brother FOREVER and a DAY!!! I thought ot was normal for siblings to be this close, but now I know otherwise. Seafood n Cigars for your birthday in the backyard when this weather acts right. U know how we do!
IT WAS ALL A DREAM @yandysmith .... sis this is your theme song for 2024. (NYC) ... It's happeninggggggg BIG THINGS POPPING for sure!!! Since you're celebrating all month, let the GOAT Notorious BIG start this thing off right! Even your surprise birthday slumber party was a hit.... enjoyyyyy my...
I ONLY RECOMMEND T.K. BECAISE HE TOOK ME FROM A 520 TO A 784 !!! I fell off just a little bit it's almost back now. CALL T.K. TODAY!!! 770 309 8647 .... CALL FOR A FREE CONSULTATION TODAY!!
As a Christian fasting with the Muslim community for Ramadan, I have established several needed principles I will continue to carry with me for the rest of my life. Forgiveness, self control, and charity are biblical principles we hear/know about, however, it was never my focus. Three very strong...