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Local Outer Banks surfer Jesse Hines pulling into a nice barrel at home. Definitely time to celebrate. PHOTO : @mikeleechphoto @surfinspoon #obx #surfhatteras #fullwetsuit #overheadwaves #outerbanks #bootsandgloves #waterphotos #surfphotos #coldwatersurf #tubetime #hometownlocal
A nice backside hack by this unidentified surfer Friday in Central Florida. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos #surffla #smallwavesurfing #surfphotos #centralflorida #winterswells #wetsuits #local #satellitebeachfla #surfing #sunnydays
Its the weekend, throw caution - and your fins - to the wind! A pair of dice to roll, a path less travelled and a ripper like Tommy Coleman netted some excellent results this morning at a deserted beach break somewhere south of Sebastian Inlet. Heres one from the b-roll takes. Mez @mezapixels @t...
This past weekend, the World Surf League held their awards for 2023 in Hawaii, officially crowning Caroline Marks the 2023 Womens World Champion. The whole East Coast congratulates her on her first win, and look forward to a few more down the road. With her 2023 win, that brings the total of Worl...
The wind finally backed off Thursday in Central Florida, just enough to give Joonas Autero some clean faces to throw the fins out for a bit of a tail slide down the line. PHOTO : @tomduganphotos @joonas_autero #centralflorida #surfing #fullwetsuit #tailslide #surfflorida #warmwater #coldwater #s...
Meanwhile, same ocean same swells across the waters. Mullaghmore, Ireland takes what the Atlantic produces and turns it into something our East Coast probably could not handle at any break along our coastline. Sure would be interesting at least to give it a try sometime though. PHOTO: @garymccal...
New Jersey doing its thing again last week. So far so good on a few winter swells. May we get many more like this to keep the stoke alive. PHOTO : @brucechrisner1 #overheadsurf #coldwaterwaves #fullwetsuits #bootsandgloves #jerseyjuice #winterwaves #surfphotos #surfing #eastcoastwaves #whatexit ...
A lone surfer braves the cold and snow Monday in Maine. When there is surf and offshore winds its time to go. PHOTO : @joshuakellyphoto #coldwatersurfing #offshorewinds #fullwetsuit #bootsandgloves #snow #snowsurfing #solosession
Despite the craptacular weather right now as the latest front approaches, the Florida Board Riders event #2 for the 2024 season is underway at Sebatian Inlet with perhaps some of the best sandbars seen in a year or more. Stand by for more coverage as we dodge the rain drops and try to stay relat...
Barrel of the day just happened for team Treasure Cost by Brent Mienhold for a 7.83 that was also double whammied . Mez @mezapixels @florida_board_riders @nsb_boardriders @pruettnam
The girls are BRINGING it right now at the Florida Boardriders! Isabelle Goodwin helping keep their lead alive as we come up on the last two divisions of the day, the 30s and 20s mens. Mez @mezapixels @florida_board_riders @isabella__goodwin @roxy @lostsurfboards
CT Taylor just snagged an 8.57 for a double whammy score of 17.14 to keep team Space Coast s firmly intact at the Florida Board Riders at Sebastian Inlet Dick Mez Meseroll @florida_board_riders @spacecoastboardridersclub