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Breast milk is WONDERFUL and beneficial for our babies in so many ways, but it is NOT a cure-all and definitely NOT meant to be used in our eyes. #eyemyth Its been a rough season for pink eye, which is usually caused by the same virus thats linked to the common cold. As an eye doctor who just rec...
Were ophthalmologists. And weve got peds, cornea, oncology, refractive, oculoplastics, glaucoma and comprehensive in this group - pretty diverse! Featuring:Me, Dr. Rupa Wong, @drrupawong , Pediatric/Adult StrabismusDr. Morgan Micheletti, @morganmichelettimd , Cataract/Refractive, ComprehensiveDr....
Yup. Not fireworks or even a 90s conga line could wake him up .This year, we somehow managed to celebrate NYE in Cabo with our sick toddler in tow. Our whole fam caught a nasty bug. Attie had a bad cough with intermittent fever, and I developed pink eye for the first time, all classic symptoms ca...
Cant believe its been 5+ years since I first bought my practice as a new grad.I knew it wouldnt be easy breaking into a very specialized field of ophthalmology (ie refractive surgery) where: Fewer than 20% of surgeons are women (just look up the top LASIK surgeons in your area); and The startup ...
From XSmall to XTallmatching PJs for one and all! Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!! #familyiseverything #christmasfamilyphoto #matchingpjs #christmaspjs #christmas2023
Are you holding your phone too close?! Studies have shown that excessive near work from reading and holding our screens too close to our eyes can significantly worsen ones glasses prescription (ie degree of nearsightedness or myopia) over time .Apple recently added a new screen distance feature t...
Cant believe its already been over 1 month since I got to see and learn from all my friends and colleagues at @aaoeye in San Francisco!It was a meeting filled with many firsts for me including the honor of being invited as faculty for Subspecialty (Refractive) Day, participating in my first FDA ...
Diet matters . While there are many risk factors for eye diseases that we cant control like genetics, studies have shown:High glycemic carbs and sugar intake may contribute to myopia aka nearsightedness. (Li FF et al. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2023 PMID: 36867130.) Carbs and processed foods (and...
Very proud to announce that we have just published the first study of its kind combining two of my greatest passionspresbyopia and social media!We conducted a social media listening study to better understand real-world patient perceptions and outcomes of presbyopia-correcting IOLs by analyzing o...
Guess its time for us docs to retire early?!! In all seriousness, the FDA is finally cracking down on online health products that have been making false medical claims forever! Unlike prescription drugs, most OTC health products (e.g. vitamins, eye drops, cosmetics, etc) do not require clinical t...
Not knocking my sales colleagues whom I absolutely respect and adore. Its just always nice to be able to walk into a room and be viewed as a member of the profession youve dedicated your whole life to.Working in a field of medicine (e.g. refractive eye surgery) dominated by mostly older White men...
Theres still a long ways to go before well be able to successfully transplant an eyeball with useful vision, the most challenging being reconnecting the 1+ million optic nerve axons between the donor and recipient. Still, this is an incredible feat that will contribute to our understanding and re...