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Women, with their intuitive instinct, understood that I dreamed not only of making them more beautiful, but happier too." Christian Dior
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Nights like this @pinprestigemalaysia always organise the best CNY dinner!(Thanks for giving me and @wwongweiyang to confess to each other as well ) Outfit from @doublewoot_fashion @PINPrestigeMalaysia @DiscoverHongKong @jacobcreekwine @JWMarriottKL @martellofficial @RoyalSalute @Sulwhasoo.Mala...
Honoured to be invited as a speaker at @mdaconference SCATE 2024 this year! Ill be talking about Digital Planning in Aesthetic Dentistry at 8.30am tomorrow , as well as sharing my insights as a dental content created/TV host during the afternoon forum session!Still remember how I used to volunte...
Realism @drkayladentalclinic #Veneers #AestheticDentistry
Tag your fav work bestie! Teamwork makes the dream work dont you agree?#Dentist #Nurse #DoctorPatientRelationship
This is the SIGN you should get your annual scaling First we clean the window, then we clean your teeth! #Dentistry #Dentist
Theres a term called in Mandarin, which literally translates to Sunny Smile. I love this term a lot because I think that a happy smile is just like the sun! It can warm our heart up instantly and make our day a little better, dont you agree?To achieve this result:Gingivectomy Smile Design 8-...
The TRUE COLOURS always show on the 3rd appointment Thanks @dannyleeyuxin @jestinna for being such good sport! #Dentist #Patient #Relationship #Funny
Life may be hard but Modified Bass toothbrushing technique is HARDER! #Dentist #Dentistry #Patient #Toothbrush
READ to learn more! Photobiomodulation Therapy (Or LLLT // Low-Level Laser Therapy) is one of the treatment options to promote ulcer healing. Will it work for everyone? It depends. Based on my personal clinical experience, it really does help in pain relief (in some cases almost immediately) and...
Were dentists, and we love keeping you heal-teeth! #Dentist #Doctor #Dentistry
Is quitting smoking with a SPECIAL type of mouth spray possible? Yes it is!N.R.T. (Nicotine replacement therapy) has been around for years, usually in the form of gums & patches. With an NRT mouth spray, were able to quit smoking easier AND without worries!The start of a new year marks the start...
Facial profile correction has always been an interesting subject to talk about in Dentistry, and with our Medical Aesthetics colleagues. Planning our cases with patients facial profile in mind is always important. Of course, referrals to our medical aesthetic colleagues are necessary as well in c...