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Im a bit behind on #pleinairpril but Im having a lot of fun with it! All photos referenced are mine (except the last two from my bff isaac) #digitalillustration
Theyre BROTHERSSSSS ahhhhhhh #rdr2
I miss my childhood and crappy convenience stores and empty streets and the smell of rain in the summer Anyways! Sorry I disappeared #procreate #backgrounddesign #illustration
I love these kinds of pencils they make me go crazy (Koh I noor pencil btw)#sketchbook
Me when theres found family and father-child relationships and characters who are doomed by the narrative #arthurmorgan #rdr2
Purple and blue things Its my fav colour btwAnd a purple arrow guy as a treat at the end for yall
Fun little art challenge :3 #artchallenge
My gals :,) Anyways! I made a post a few weeks ago how so kindly gave me a tablet to review!Now that Ive spent a few weeks with it, I have a little breakdown of my thoughts on the last slide! I really like the feel this tablet has. It feels high quality but on a much cheaper budget com...
These guys that I totally havent been neglecting:)Dont even bring but nievedalia (Last few are how they would draw themselves) #myoc
My gender is trail camera footage of two coyotes playing in a field #canineart
Sketchbook time #sketchbook
Flora and mattie in the official red dead redemption art style I had so much fun with thisAlso sorry for double posting my ocs,, Ill post smth else soon #cowboys #wlw #rdr2