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clean protein + soulful convo + a little wine = my fav recipe
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Are you a nurse practitioner or PA who has experience working with medical and surgical weight loss patients? Want to work with me in a large, multidisciplinary weight management program with excellent staff including dietitians, behavioral therapists, and exercise therapists?Check the link in my...
This is what successful weight loss looks like. This happens to be a surgery patient but I see it in my medically manage patients on GLP-1 agonists too. Notice that hes lost a considerable amount of weight but despite that huge weight loss he has not lost much muscle mass and is starting to gain ...
Smashed 1 avocado with some dry pressed tofu. Added olive oil, cumin, oregano, pepper, salt. Served on toasted Ezekiel bread and topped with sprouts. Great start to the day and so easy a surgeon could make it!
Wow! A whole book on romance scams! It is amazing how complex and how broad these scams are. She estimates billions of dollars are stolen yearly. The amount of people impersonating me is staggering and I am just a small blip in this very broad scam.I still get hundreds of people contact me to tel...
I love sprouts!!! Easy to grow and easy to add to sandwiches, salads, smoothies, and filled with nutrients and fiber.Broccoli sprouts are very high is sulforphane which has shown anti inflammatory, possibly anti cancer, properties.You can buy cheap sprouted on Amazon. This sprouter comes from @do...
I have been saying this over and over for years now: more does not mean better. Muscle is definitely good for you and you need protein to build muscle. Somehow social media and bro science has taken this message and changed it to if some is good, more must be better! There have been multiple stud...
I dont know why this is a hanging around at the nursing station, but Im dying for someone to come over here and challenge me. Nobody can beat me at this game!
Cant do pancakes everyday, and to be honest, this is just as delicious (or close to ). Kale, corn, roasted chickpeas , hummus, tofu, black beans, quinoa. Now this is what we mean by whole food, plant based. This is nutrient packed, filling, and low calorie! Dont forget the hot sauce.
Link is in my bio. I did a debate with it the king of carnivore diet: Shawn Baker. I was ready for a huge aggressive battle. Shawn has said many disparaging things about me, and I have done the same about him.So you may expect fireworks, but there were none. This was NOT the Shawn Baker I see on ...
When I eat like this I just tell myself I am in a bulking phase.Can you believe this is all vegan? Thanks @hellogingermule .The science behind food development now is just insane. I would bet that most people would eat this and never know it was vegan.Now, I wouldnt call this healthy BUT meat eat...
Get your colon screened!!! Believe it or not, as we have increased screening we have found more precancerous lesions and this has actually prevented future colon cancers. Interestingly, while cancer rates are decreasing in older ages due to screening, it is increasing in 40-50 age group. This gro...
Vegan ice cream @cosmic.htx. So good! And I am going to trial some new flavors.