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Anesthetic Cream that numbs soothes skin
Use before during tattoo application process
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28122 KO 154 former WBC IBF WBA Welterweight WORLD CHAMPION 2012 Olympian Dallas TX MANDOWN StrapSeason everlastathlete
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“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others.”
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Still shots of this sopranos piece @egamble10 appreciate your time and trust #drewdimas #sopranos #student #artist
A few recently done portraits that i never got the chance to post upyou cant just run to anyone for a portrait i appreciate those that come put their trust in me to do it for themIf you ever need any information on booking please text Samantha (832-812-8519) the best and quickest way is to come i...
Sailing the south<>#drewdimas #houstontx
Young guy on a mission appreciate those that rockin wit my work if ever in need of information on how i book please text my assistant Samantha(832-812-8519) or come into the shop and speak wit me personally
Some still shots of the Houston backpiece I worked onWhos down to start a mission like this!??? books reopen April 15th tap in with Samantha (832-812-8519) or come stop by the shop and get wit me in person (724 w.19th st houston tx 77008) #drewdimas #houstontexas #backpiece #artist #student
Money comes Money goes .(832-812-8519) for any booking information or come into @goldrushcollectivetattoos and get with me personally appreciate the love and support
Reaper done in 1 session I appreciate you sitting great my bro @life_goes_on_713 cant wait to add on to this .For any information about booking a session with me please text Samantha (832-812-8519) or you can send me a DM as always its always best to come in and speak with me in person @goldrushc...
@choppedbylos appreciate you bringing me such a dope photo of ya grandpa my dawg & appreciate you giving up your rib to make it happen done in 1 pass adding and crisping up a few things soon.For any information about booking please text Samantha (832-812-8519) or come into @goldrushcollectivetatt...
Starting off the homie Jesus Aztec inspired sleeve I appreciate your time and dedication man see you soon.For any information about how to set a session up with me please contact Samantha (832-812-8519) or send me a DM as always your more than welcome to pull up on me @goldrushcollectivetattoos a...
Havent been back on this piece since last march happy to post up a progress video of the 2nd session alot more to come much love to the homie @alonso_stockish appreciate your time and dedication pimp.For any kind of booking information please text my assistant Samantha (832-812-8519) or shoot me ...
I have no idea where im going with this art stuff alot of people i meet think i do I really just be here followin what feels right to me..so much to do 832-812-8519#drewdimas #houstontx #artist
Promises made should be kept San Judas on my dawg G adding more soon I appreciate you homie .Books open for 2024 if interested in the dates available text Samantha (832-812-8519) or come into @goldrushcollectivetattoos and speak with me personally always appreciate the love and support if you li...