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In honour of mental health awareness month, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone Take a step toward nurturing your inner child by: Revisiting your favourite hobbies Go for a walk Set boundaries at work Celebrate your achievements Forgive yourselfOnce you've taken this step, comment 'S...
Which of these secret signs have caught you by surprise? I've poured my life's work, experience, and loads of love into my upcoming book, and I can't wait to share it with you Comment 'SAFE' and receive thank-you gifts when you pre-order my book on High Functioning Anxiety (you deserve it) #lonel...
The reality is that many of us have experienced some form of childhood trauma.And I find that healing starts with awareness How do we achieve that? - We examine our behaviour - We identify our triggers - We look at the recurring assumptions we make about others - And we observe our negative inter...
Can you relate? Did you know that imposter syndrome affects about 70% of people at some point in their lives? How often do you conduct a meeting and feel guilty, like you don't belong? Do you ever hold back on receiving your flowers because you feel like someone else deserves it more? Let me rem...
Can you relate to any of these? Share it with me in the comments Disclaimer: The original video does not belong to me. Please show the creator some love.CC: TikTok kencolemanDM for removal.#anxiety #advancedanxiety #highfunctioninganxiety #lifeadvice #mentalhealth #psychologist #psychologisttips ...
Which one do you relate to most? Let me support you on your journey to greater fulfillment, resilience, and success Comment 'SAFE' and receive thank you gifts when you pre-order my High Functioning Anxiety book (you deserve it) #drlalitaa #impostersyndrome #corporateanxiety #stress #chronicstress...
Did you know that anxiety is the most common mental health issue in the world today? Many of us may not even realize that it's quietly weaving its way into our daily lives Do any of these symptoms feel familiar? - Persistent worrying - Restlessness or irritability - Difficulty concentrating - Mus...
Do you relate?#highfunctioininganxiety #stress #stresstips #anxiety #advancedanxiety #lifeadvice #mentalhealth #psychologist #psychologisttips #perfectionist #perfectionism #advancedanxiety #mentalhealthmatters #experttips #healingtips #trauma #childhoodtrauma
Did you know that suppressed anger shows up in the body? Now, I can tell you to release anger, but that's easier said than done, right? So many of us have been conditioned to hold back on releasing our anger (in a healthy way) that we completely ignore it. We need to honor all of our emotions, or...
How often do you find yourself checking on others, but no one is checking on you? It's a common experience, especially for those who naturally prioritize the well-being of others. As a psychologist, I've observed this dynamic in many of my clients. It's important to recognize that offering suppo...
What's the first sign of anxiety that you notice in yourself?Let me support you on your journey to inner peace Comment 'SAFE' and receive thank you gifts when you pre-order my High Functioning Anxiety book (you deserve it) Disclaimer: The original video does not belong to me. Please show the crea...
Nearly 1 in 4 adults experience a deep sense of loneliness, and sadly, many more may feel this way without being aware For Mental Health Awareness Month, how will you show up for yourself and those around you? #anxiety #advancedanxiety #highfunctioninganxiety #lifeadvice #mentalhealth #psychologi...