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We are working on Rebranding for #LOM which Im Not Excited design should we use when we revamp? 1, 2, 3 or you can pick 4 for the original Edit: @therealpistoljr
Nahhh I slid like I was running home thanks for having Berlin @dltlly.official
The DJ & MC will always be one!! These Djs are mainly known for Mixtapes only,and had a impact after 2000. Shoutout Kid Capri #RIP Cut Master Cee wuddup Red Alert, all the OGs. Can you make a better #Top5Honorable Mention: Dj Green Latern, Mike 5000 Watts & FunkFlex but I got to S/O Tony Touch b4...
I apologize to fans and past opponents that I didnt give %100 to. The proof will be shown in my future work. To my fans, you no longer need to say If he take it serious because those days are done. Every battle gets treated like my last!!! Every feature I hop on Ima aim to body it like its me & J...
This my #Top5 but Hey, who am I? Yall know this shit more than me so tell me how Im wrong Honorable Mention: JC vs Chilla, Tsu Surf vs Hitman Holla and I got to put Nu Jersey Twork vs Rum Nitty
Hollow Da Don makes his opponents choke #MentalGymnasisticsEdit: If Chess would of kept the water bottle when I gave it to him and threw it in the crowd then said AND SPIT IN THE SHIT THAT HE DRINK it would of shut it down #FireMarshall
This is a multiple Mixtape Series!!!! Go argue with your other personality, I got this!!! If you disagree then make a better #Top5 Honorable Mentions: Joe Budden- Mood Muzik, Chamillionaire- Mixtape Messiah, & Curren$y- Pilot Talk
Im still riding with @realcoleworld the Tape is but ima keep it a Glass of Water!!! You set Lightskin niggas back 5 points we gon need Chico Debarge to come back now lol. All jokes aside, we seen Jay-Z do the same. Do you think the record not being received well like a Back2Back is the reason? I...
So this was 2009 in Grindtime!!! I had plenty battles off camera in the street, in Prison, 7 Weeks on 106 & Park Championship so Im battle tested. But a lot of these niggas didnt have no resume to back up they street life talk. @phillyswain did!!! I was hip to Takedown Records and how they was Lo...
This gon stir the Pot but watch me cook!!! As a Hip Hopiarn, I study this thang and grew up with it like a close cousin!!!! My Top3 are always solidified and cant be moved unless I say in the caption Im not %100 sure my list A-1. You only can change 4&5. Make a better #Top5 HonorableMention: Dyna...
Shoutout to Alchemist on the beat for Greatness. I was really living out my alter ego #OneManPharmacy so glad I grew up