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When you feel like someone is watching you @longrunlactic 22 mile day with a longer fartlek session in the morning along the Arizona Canal. Peep Joe making use of his Christmas gift. Scoot scoot!!!!#adidasrunning #adiospro3 #likeaboss
just pretend the lyrics go: im gonna *help you! its always a fun surprise when your coach jumps in to help you, but especially after 7.5 miles of solo work. mile by mile, stacking the work and trusting the process. another week added to the foundation #adidasrunning #brickbybrick pc: @longrunlac...
first Arizona training camp i usually opt to stay at altitude this time of year, but knowing my Boston build will be back in the cold we decided to change things up this Jan. training with my girls and soaking up the sunshine while Boulder is snow covered and in the single digits lets just say i...
A few hours after finishing the Chicago marathon I told Cam to please never ever let me sign up for another marathon! With that Im excited to announce that Ill be racing the 128th @bostonmarathon, the Worlds Oldest Annual Marathon, on Patriots Day April 15th!!! ///#BostonMarathon #Boston128 #adid...
Sometimes I run a little faster just not to get dropped by you! Having fun working hard and trying not to get dropped by @elise.cranny! Taking this party South, for some warmth and sea level. Next stopScottsdale, AZ! #bettertogether #likeaboss #adidasrunning
Cape Town, Arkansas, Colorado home truly is wherever Im with you @cameronefurd! this time last weekend we celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary with a cozy night at the @stjulienhotel
happy for whoever wished for a white Christmas Boxing Day track 1kms with @elise.cranny. Energy, cheers and videos from @emilycranny_ and @lauren.cranny!! side note, yesterday i was made aware that Americans dont celebrate or know about Boxing Day. so i looked it up and realized its a commonwealt...
eight years!! happy wedding anniversary babes. i feel so lucky to be married to my best friend and the person who makes me the best version of myself. thank you for making me laugh everyday, usually at myself. i love you
running lately hasnt really felt like december being in shorts and sports bras, but you definitely wont find me complaining. what has felt like december is stacking workouts and miles ahead of next years races. some speedier reps in the windcruisy mile reps with @elise.cranny 20 mile long run wi...
so lucky my parents gave me a little best friend thank you tash for giving me the honor of being your maid of honor. i loved getting your calls to chat wedding and discuss the finest of details to plan your and nicks dream wedding weekend! 11/25 will always be such a special day! thank you for al...
Our faces (and my hands pulled into my gloves) might not show it, but we were having a great time 9 mile fartlek with @elise.cranny yesterday.#wintertraining #adidasrunning #likeaboss
112523 - the day my sister married her man, and my best friend married them a day filled with so much joy, celebrating love and family.#forbetterorbotha