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Dedicated to the Welfare Protection of Dolphins Worldwide Since Earth Day 1970 As seen in the Academy Award Winning Documentary THE COVE
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Official IG account for Empty the Tanks. Our mission is to end captivity & protect the oceans. #emptythetanks
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Ask Carnival Cruise Lines to STOP promoting dolphin captivity! Sign the #petition at: In their Animal Welfare Statement, Carnival Cruise Lines states that, As part of our vacation experience, we support sustainable tourism. We recognize that without careful m...
For dolphins, life in a concrete tank is life in lockdown. Highly intelligent, highly social, wide-ranging and deep-diving marine mammals simply do not live quality lives in places like this. These photos were taken at Suma Sea World in Kobe (owned by GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts). Please share wid...
Thank you to ALL who took action for our #GlobalBeachCleanup Pictured here are cleanup events from the Bahamas, Argentina, Azores, Portugal and Indonesia. No matter where you are in the world, every piece of trash you pick up is one less item that can make its way into waterways and potentially ...
More than 50 orcas were captured off the coast of Iceland for the aquarium industry from the mid-70s until the end of the 80s. These orcas were sent to facilities all over the world, including Port of Nagoya Aquarium (pictured), Marineland in Canada, Marineland dAntibes, SeaWorld parks in the US,...
For captive dolphins and whales, life in a concrete tank is no quality life. This video was taken at Suma Sea World in Kobe Japan (the same marine park which holds orcas Stella and Ran captive) and owned by GRANVISTA Hotels & Resorts.After the show's over, performing dolphins swim in circles in t...
11,900+ have spoken up for Bella. Have you? Sign the #petition at: ( in our bio)Together with @hotpinkdolphins we are asking Lotte World Aquarium to stand behind their pledge to rehabilitate and evaluate Bella for release into the wild.Bella is a wild caught beluga,...
One way you can help support our work is by shopping #DolphinProject gear at 100% of shop proceeds go directly to supporting our campaigns, including our work to protect dolphins from Taiji's drive hunts, and the Umah Lumba Rehabilitation, Release and Retirement Center. #...
Thanks but NO tanks Its up to all of us to continue taking positive action to keep dolphins wild and free, just as nature intended. Find ways you can help take action to help end the captive dolphin trade at and click on TAKE ACTION!Footage by team member @alexinwaterlust#Dolp...
Kicking off this year's #GlobalBeachCleanup event with cleanups Portugal and Indonesia Join in and help take action today, from where ever you are!You don't need to live near the ocean to help make a difference- each piece of plastic you pick up wherever you are is one less item that can end u...
CALL TO ACTION: Global Beach Cleanup on June 8, 2024! There are TWO ways to participate:1. Join one of the group cleanup locations listed on the last slide (details at the in our bio)OR2. Do a solo cleanup in your local neighborhood! You don't need to live near the beach to help make a differen...
Clean up your local park, beach or community - or join one of the group cleanups listed on the last slide! More details on our #GlobalBeachCleanup are -ed in our bio!You don't need to live near the beach to help make a difference- EVERY piece of plastic you pick up is one less item that can get ...
Umah Lumba Center: Kaya, as we named her, was found in serious condition. Our local team provided urgent medical care, and was able to eliminate plastic waste that she had ingested. More on our blog at: ( in our bio)#DolphinProject #UmahLumba#seaturtle #animals #animalrescu...