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Garret W Smith
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Director of Conservation meateater host of Cals Week In Review podcast
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Avid outdoorsman, conservationist, writer, and founder of @meateater.
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Ginormous glorious country #beargrease #meateater
How lucky we are
After having our breath taken away, we find ourselves surrounded by all that brings breath and joy. @meateater @stevenrinella @clay_newcomb @sethmorris_45
Open country reminds me of the ocean, an expanse much bigger than what can be grasped mentally, but spiritually inspires and makes one smile and feel lucky to live.
Redline mnt time with brother @_drew_smith_ , so hard it was really good
Chasing shade and hunting water, doesnt get much better with brother @_drew_smith_
The trip you plan often isnt the trip that happens but it usually is the trip you need. Motorcycling across Ireland was a surreal and inspiring trip. Much gratitude
The people, colors, smells, and history of the Emerald Isle reminded me of what I assumed as a child Narnia would be like if I could find the entrance. Thank you to all I met along the way.
I always feel young when Im doing the things I love with good friends. @mtn_prospector @ross.mono
To engage nature with respect, patience and admiration will always guarantee more enjoyment in the future. #publiclands
These faces, these spaces, hold and create memories of joy and graceevery time
Tuareg and fellow travelers on Niger expedition 2022. Words cant describe the enrichment of this experience. Thank you to all involved.