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Open to any concepts and ideas Dm or email me for bookings DianyeloGgmailcom
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Proud owner of a brand new 2024 tesla model Y wanted something fun to drive with I am happy finally got a car again and now I can move everywhere again and yes her name is lotus
I am mad this happened and upset but thats why I got car insurance but even so this sucks thanks to everyone who hit me up and check in really appreciate it a lot like you got no idea.Put a smile on my face.
Dammmm I am 36 years old how time flies its crazy to see I been on this earth for that long thank you to everyone that is wishing me a happy birthday from the bottom of my heart thank you.. cheers to another year and to my amazing loving people thank you.
Christmas is almost here have you been on the naughty or nice list? Nice list gets Bowsette and Boosette under their Christmas tree also dont tell Santa we took his snacks Bowsette @lollipopheidi13 @dianyelog
Happy holidays from your lovely Nami-Swan @dianyelog Cosplay made by me
Before tonight ends I hope everyone has a good and safe Halloween @dianyelog Nun outfit @moeflavor
What a weekend working with amazing people networking left and right even doing bodyguard work lol honestly thank you to everyone that made my weekend amazing.
Have you been to Vegas? @dianyelog
You thought Naruto was your only concern think again @dianyelog Location @ocwonderlandstudios
I want to wish a very special happy birthday to amazing person that I know love and that has my back and I had hers happy birthday beautiful amazing @akemikuncosplay love you girl.#happybirthday y
October is around the corner if you want to set up your spooky season photo shoot DM me and lets set it up Ill be in Vegas for twitch con the 19th to the 22nd for my Vegas people and the rest of the month Ill be free so DM me and thank you.