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O Divine space!! Heaven is within you #channela.iThe mission of art consist of transforming the deep and personal psychic experience of a human being into aesthetic creation so that this experience is intelligible and can be recognized as an integral part of an ideal world. #brucelee
1984 , 7 years old with my brother to now. Martial art is my form. My only business lead to the spiritual warrior journey.. my own Self liberation to the benefit of All. @isaplos music @neelam_ . Lets not forget our most important part of ourselves, the only one force who has been giving to u...
break your own illusions an feel your soul calling you out to move your energy to integrity , self liberation and liberation for all . @descendants.rec thanks for this amazing playlist .
Fire within can be pure energy.. clearing out the noise and powering back to the fundamental elements to remember your authentic power.
The Spiritual warrior Journey / JAPAN. Photograph by Great Talent sister @isaplos. Thanks to @cristomillar to facilitate this epic experience. Behind the scene of a new project coming soon. In a realm where the echoes of ancient warriors still resonate through time, my journey began as a humble...
A creative space is A SPACE of expansion. A temple. Video shot with Nikon Zf, 85mm lens, 50 mm lens @nikoneurope . Video assistant @karmacharr. Japanese artifacts @timokamura. Make up by @kaylajobeauty
I just discover the work of Marimba Ani and I have been struggling with the way I can articulate my thought about this European conditioning. She is speaking the truth about how this reality has been manipulated by coloniser and how African spirituality will give access to our liberation. She is...
HARMONY / Archery Training / IGA - JAPAN / Dont focus on the target But feel and release No emotion and keep repeating the practice . Now with @thezensamurai. by @cristomillar . This is one my favorite training. I am such an emotional being that finding a space of calmness and grounding where em...
RELEASE All Darkness out / Waterfall training / cold water / with the assistance of Woman Monk Keiko at Tarookunitsu Shrine / JAPAN / Staying under the pressure of cold water under a waterfall was making my body, mind and spirit shiver until i scream releasing the pain, a state of harmony and c...
The ancestors connection Collage 2023 @mtartagency / Energy is never created nor destroyed so our spirit never dies . We just have to remember who we are.
I found my gift in Senegal the land of my father ancestors all the way to Mali. I have spend 20 years documenting my family and their friends. Slowly with care, I am revealing a part of my most precious memories. Senegal is the place who transform my life and activated my creative force. Each ti...
FREE YOURSELF Art Studio Vibe Bushwick, Brooklyn : Shapeless.. formless like water.. connecting in multidimensional realities. Make up ying & yang by @kaylajobeauty next project. We are all here just for a moment so lets enjoy the process of creation and making sure you are connected with your t...