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Im super late with this postbut I had SO much fun at the DOES Division of State Initiatives Annual Shining Star Awards!! Such an AMAZING program!! I was honored to be the MCand my brother from another @aladdindaprince was the DJ!!! Thank you @drwlundy1911 for the invite!!!
Happy Saturday!!! Im playing on your till 7pm on @majicdc #whatspoppin
Ba-bycuz the way this humidity be killing my vibe!! Its all cute at first when I first come out the showerbut then I step outsideand its an instant poof fest #notcute #bunlife
This might be the realist sh*t!!
We mixing on the on @majicdc for the holiday!!! Me and my brother @djgeminilive #whatspoppin t-shirt @imadigitalrebel
Hanging out on your till 7pm on @majicdc Can we celebrate ALL the especially the June ones sidebar this shirt should say I cuss a LOT!! IYKYK!!! #whatspoppin
I felt this in my spirit
I know we are only supposed to wear pink on Wednesday but I had to make an exception cuz its all about the for me!!! catch me on the till 7pm on @majicdc swipe to get a better at the kicks!!
So Im minding my business in the studio @majicdc when @aladdindaprince strolls in from @939wkys with these super cute personality glasses (which I had to try on!!!!)
I saw this pic the other day of @yungmiami305 and @kashdoll and I was in awe of just how stunningly beautiful these 2 women are!! I just wanted to celebrate them right quick!!!! #whatspoppin #bmf
I found this sh*t SO funny!!!! @vodkalana
I had to breakout the throwback @theofficialai3 @reebok #questionmid Im on your radio till 7pm!! One thing about meIve ALWAYS been a #sneakerhead #whatspoppin #whatspoppinkicks #alleniverson #questionmid (I was todays years oldwhen I realized that this show is very much giving the Las Vegas Rai...