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The realization, acceptance and celebration of being many things - not fitting into one specific mold 🍧✨ view the full collection here !👇🫰
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Thanks @kara bag! Now Im ready.
I am not just a mind, i am a piece of meat
can i get an order of side eye, for the table?
Sometimes I feel like my best work doesnt happen within a clients designated deadline, so I was energized to revisit this footage from a previous campaign and see what else there was to make. It felt valid and worthwhile to sit a little longer with what we captured with this bright and talented t...
Orange gourmet diet
Sharing some of the character design process for @sarahferguson15 s series. I used midjourney ai to design and refine our posh babies, Flea and the Duck, before handing them off to @nogismyname to build out. Swipe for my best Peggy Bundy as inspiration for Fleas gait and the tough-as-nails pr...
dont mind me
wet ass paraclete