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Every summer, I cant help but revisit this intimate wedding on the beach. A key design goal for us: Being #timeless Swipe for more. ... by @corbingurkin #davidstarkdesign #davidstark #wedding #weddingplanner #weddingdesign #weddingdecor #weddingdesigner #eventdesigner #eventdesign #eventplanner ...
I never think of our design goals through the lens of color exploration, but we absolutely do that in many ways and with a variety of materials from paint to food, from flowers to wood. We have also done quite a few projects where colored liquids are our medium, and with those, its truly like ch...
When I was a contributing editor at @martha_weddings , stylish solutions for decorating wedding cakes made their way into just about every inspiration story in the publication, and we created lots of them over the years. Im including two favorites in this carousel where baskets and canvas were t...
Multi-tasking with love. Happy hump day, friends. ... by @smilebooth #davidstarkdesign #davidstark #multitasking #eventdesign #eventdesigner #eventplanner #eventplanning #events #producer #weddingdesign #weddingdesigner #weddingplanning
Greetings from Saint-Tropez where we are installing the decor for a wedding weekend we have been collaborating on with the fabulous @eastonevents for the last nine months. They have put together an all-star team, including our longtime collaborator, photographer @corbingurkin . Being in France ...
My favorite time of year is summer I count the minutes for it to come back as soon as it ends, and outdoor picnics with style are some of our most enjoyable experiences to create. It doesnt hurt to be handed a refreshing drink accompanied by a big, handsome smile as golden as a sun beam, right?...
If you ask me what I love best about my job, I would say its the friends we make on the creative journeys we go on. This project will always be near and dear to me. For one, it was breathtakingly open, balancing the most refined tastes with whimsy and tons of surprise, but more so, because I wal...
The other day as a team, we cleaned our offices, going through mounds of samples, swatches, models, binders, and drawings that have collected from projects from the first half of the year. Filing it all to create a fresh start for the back half, it was cathartic to have a reset, and the day incl...
Three wedding ceremonies two in New York, and one in Italy, all very different as they should be! After all, we are creating them for unique individuals. Swipe for this visual juxtaposition. ... 1-6 by @corbingurkin ; 7-10 by @aarondelesie #davidstarkdesign #davidstark #weddingceremony #weddi...
A handful of you have written in asking whether these allium displays, and especially the dining table with its leeks, garlic, and scallions still-life centerpiece were stinky. The truth is that there was really no discernible odor. I suppose if you put your nose up close and personal to a cut ...
Heres a hot tip: Create the kind of centerpiece that functions as a conversation starter. Swipe for a survey a various approaches to just that at ten recent events. ...All by @msusiem other than 7 & 10 by @corbingurkin #davidstarkdesign #davidstark #centerpiece #centerpieces #tabledecor #table...
When we were playing around with the materials, and I stood the leeks on end with their roots on top, @msusiem said, They look like Bert and Ernie! Now I cant NOT see that! Swipe for more images from our stinking lilies dinner.... by @msusiem #davidstarkdesign #davidstark #tablescape #tabletop ...